Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tried the frozen almond milk

Breakfast at 10:06 AM 2 oranges, walnut halves, bee pollen in almond milk. I prefer orange in this combination rather than grapefruit.

1:40 PM - cherries!! Last night before bed I got into eating cherries. It is the best time of year for cherries since they are currently in season. BC has exquisite cherries. I used to purchase BC organic cherries from our food co-op when I lived in Ontario. These beautiful fleshy cherries are large and sweet.

Last evening there was left over sweet potato angel hair pasta and zucchini ribbon pasta which I loved eating for supper at 4:45 PM… mixed with avocado oil, Himalayan salt, black pepper, mango, tuna tasting salad and some olives. The olives are not raw. I do have raw olives but I find them really strong and didn't want them with this dish.

Added was some almond milk served in a pottery piece of artist 'Leanne Pizio'.

At 7:00 PM I felt like sorbet and wanted to try the frozen almond milk. Freezing almond milk alone only creates icy almond water. Sure is good to find this out! I put the frozen cubes of almond milk through the champion juicer together with frozen mango, banana, strawberries, blueberries adding to the eating of beautiful colours today!

What a luscious feast yet I felt like some cherries at 9:30 PM, which I ate. Couldn't resist, it is cherry season!

I experienced another point of healing this morning. It called for an energy treatment, more mercury vapour sense and a woven scratchy feeling of sorts, a gasp feeling at times, like a sudden urge to pull together it very hard to describe. Muscles of my chest were the force… a while later I felt a particularly strong and longer lasting heart murmur.

I had my eyes tested today, by an optometrist. I haven't been to one of those fellows for 40 years. Although my eyesight seems to be improving I felt a need to get some glasses specific to the needs of my eyes. I have been entirely too lazy to do Meir Schneider's eye exercises and feel myself stressing my eyes on magnified glass. So prescription glasses will be for now and I will get with the eye exercises and his recommended body exercises soon enough. I took some of Meir's training years ago and was impressed with the results. My eye examination showed all is well and in really great shape except my right eye is weak. 20/20 vision in my left, 20/50 vision in my right eye. It will be nice to shift the right to 20/20.

The fresh batch of rejuvelac is on the go. Hopefully this batch turns out better than the last batch.


  1. This is something I plan to try out. I almost always get two cartons of the unsweetened kind when I go for groceries.
    Have added some to organic brown rice just for flavor. :-)

  2. Dances! homemade almond milk needs nothing added for it to be a delicious drink! :)!