Tuesday, August 9, 2011

what have you done to improve your health?

Why not start your day with----

9:00 AM Rejuvelac!
Then I prepared for later a double batch of sunflower pate, this time using fresh basil rather than dried dill.

Fresh parsley and basil sit in tap water that has been cleaned and regenerated with magnets and the cut herbs are thriving in it. North side of the magnet to clean, South side to regenerate.

I used the water on sprouted rye that then was set to make the rejuvelac and the fermentation process sped up. The rejuvelac grew the prettiest pure white mold. My garden plants are reaping the benefits of that batch. Possibly the sprouted rye kernels will grow in soil after making the rejuvelac. I haven't tried yet. So far all kernels get used to dehydrate into bread.

1:06 PM h'ordeurs that appealed to my creative instincts around food was a video Janet posted to FB of Bill Cummingham on the streets of New York photographing people leaning against Tiffany's, eating breakfast; another version of 'Breakfast at Tiffany's. That sparked my mind into creative mode.

1:24 PM mango

1:30 PM salads, coleslaw with beet julienned soaked in rejuvelac, and sunflower pate

the pictures didn't turn out! none of 'em. I sent them to the trash; they hurt my eyes with the vivid colours and cuts of the veggies when out of focus.

6:30 salad plate with crackers, and a bliss ball compliments from Mr. Roomy.

Got with some exercise today, biking and I was surprised at the strength I had and didn't have! All was fine up and down grades until the grade was too long and steep upwards that I am not yet reconditioned to up it on the bike, so I walked my bike and cooled down. That was at the end of the ride time or I would have biked more. It sure feels great to get back on the bike!

self portrait 2007 following my shadow