Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you in physical pain?

**Refined Sugar increases physical pain. Remove it completely from your diet and notice how pain changes.

10:30 AM rejuvelac and a handful of grapefruit/orange/carrot/ chips

early afternoon: a tart. :), a smoothie with a few grapes, apricot, phytogreens powder, orange, cucumber, mango, ice

3:25 PM lunch I suppose it was lunch. The watermelon/tomato salad, what was left of it was used to mix with some sprouts and pecan nuts. That tasted good enough to satisfy me.

5:30ish PM a Bliss ball from Planet Organic and an organic coffee. I felt like coffee again. I am emotionally off. I don't know, I might do coffee more this week. Will see. I am open to it for a change. It is the withdrawal effect I don't like. My naturopath tested me for coffee and the result was it is ok for me according to his findings. According to D'adamo my blood type is the type that is compatible with coffee. This coffee is nice tasting organic/fair trade coffee. I notice my left ear ringing after drinking it. This reaction is not exclusive to coffee.

I think this is a low caffeine coffee or I grabbed a decaf by mistake. I am falling asleep as I type. Or maybe my system is neutralizing the effect of coffee now. Last night I had half decaf and half caffeine coffee and quickly come 11:00 PM became mega tired.

I made a lasagne and have it warming in the dehydrator. It is layered zucchini, spinach, avocado, mariana sauce and the top layer includes cashew sun dried tomato cheese. Excitement is rising while I give it some time to warm and become tastier even. It would be disastrous if it turned to tasting like vinegar like last time. I doubt it will; this batch of cheese is made with probiotic rather than rejuvelac. I am much sure it was the revuelac that fermented it further into vinegar, last time I made lasagne.

Lasagne before dehydrator warming

Lasagne ready to eat

I forgot to add both the salt and the oregano! I had both on the counter and put them away thinking I had already used them. I know where my mind was and I was struggling to keep it on what I was doing. Result the lasagne tasted rather bland. Olives helped to improve its taste at supper. Luckily I had some remaining mariana sauce and can use it to enhance what is left. The oregano and salt I added before sleeping last night.

Craved pink grapefruit, big time, so bought two when I was out picking up some supplies and ate both before bed. One I ate with hemp butter. Hemp butter only gets better tasting every time I eat it! (store hemp butter in the freezer to best preserve it)