Friday, June 24, 2011

Time zooms

Seems I didn't need blogging assistance to stay on track. Will be back in later to fill in the huge missing gap. hahaha, honest! Well not really fill in the gap, continue on will mostly be the way :).

It is easier these days to follow this way of eating. I have grown with a repertoire of dishes I prepare and enjoy and I make up lots of my own recipes. When a feeling comes on or thought comes on for a food that is not what I consider health sustaining or health building, it can take some convincing myself there is something in it for me in order that I do choose to eat the item. I don't disallow myself any foods I would like to eat. It is an inner negotiation. I know where strict leads to--> emotional sabotage. In my 20's I was fanatical about my eating, and later on I could not live up to my own standards. Through the years I have learned, much about a progression to health, through a holistic approach. My journey continues-- my learning continues as well.