Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Back to 100% Raw

… for 9 days now, effortlessly. I don't deny myself food. I do check to see how on board I am with what I want to eat when I find myself craving food that isn't particularly healthy. Such as cooked sprouted crackers. Why distort the wonderful life force sprouts provide. Heat to cook them will destroy the enzymes and other important nutrients.
It is after eating when I notice the ill effects. My energy generally diminishes. I often will drop into deep sleep for a few minutes before I revive. Gut microbe cravings join the emotional cravings and habitual cravings. I wake in the morning with baggy rich eyes on a face that looks like it doesn't belong in the mirror across from me. I feel frumpy, sometimes my nervous system is off. I have no buzz in my belly, only a craving for something that is missing.

So 9 days ago I suddenly felt the urge to eat nothing but raw, again. A few days later I was on the road with a friend, a sure time for me to delve into something cooked for convenience and to match my memory of how specific cooked food items tasted. The taste however, never matches my memory! At least not after a diet of raw vegan foods with flavours amazing that knock the taste of cooked into a distorted bland not food category.

On raw vegan foods my belly feels comforting, buzzy alive, and satisfied. My energy is high and my body feels stronger and ready for use as any efficient tool is. To me my body IS a tool.

My day of eating looked like this: Morning- a ripe banana, some brazil nuts and a couple of Bosc pears with a couple of dried black mission figs. I wasn't hungry then until 4 pm which I noticed when I was slicing pears for the dehydrator. By 5 pm I was eating the sesame seed yogurt that was made with Bosc pear as sweetener added to nourish the probiotics. Following that delicious dish, I ate carrots and shredded cabbage topped with marinara sauce, together with dehydrated bread I prepared a few days ago and a whole medium sized avocado. The bread was an onion/carrot/zucchini flat bread. It is a perfect addition to any veggie salad. My stomach feels amazing and I crave nothing.

I am putting down the last of the pears -- dehydrating them and maybe will freeze some tomorrow. This batch of pears is from my eldest son who dropped a huge amount off a couple of weeks ago. It has been a year of PEAR harvests, gifts from others bearing organic fresh home grown pears!
Yet to finish, is shelling the rest of the ethiopian lentils.

The garden harvest has all been put to good use. The garden size was perfect for the limited storage I have to use. This week is a good time to make squash dehydrated crackers and chips. Yes, that would be super to have on hand.

I notice this evening that I almost wanted some of the cooked squash I made for others, until I ate my raw supper. After indulging in my raw meal I lost interest cooked squash.

Later I made a smoothie of carrot, beet, dino kale, hemp seed, banana, couple of dates, 3 black mission figs, hazel nuts, grapes. After pouring a small glass I added some raw cacao and blended it a bit more for the morning. Cacao will keep me up into the early morning hours if I had drank some tonight.

I have been meditating more, almost daily, Wednesdays twice a day in the World-We Heal Together Healing Prayer Meditation Circle and I am continuing with some regular and irregular exercise. I am tuned into my own and others hearts in a more profound way lately. Suddenly Heart will override thoughts while in meditation. I don't need to try and change my awareness. When heart speaks my attention automatically goes straight to it and thoughts vanish. This heart energy is an internal energy that comes up steady, clear and with the strength of something that I can only release to. I am one with it as it speaks and moves through me. There is no other option I wish to choose than to allow heart the freedom to move me. I LOVE what is happening!