Saturday, August 27, 2011

'Eat Food, Eat Real Food'

8:30 AM a smoothie of cantaloupe, kiwi, blackberries, ice, phytogreens powder. Also phytogreens cap and orate C

12:30ish PM butternut squash salad with tuna-ish salad

3:20 PM 1/2 of a large pink grapefruit

6:30 PM linguini made from turnip and yam and sea vegetable strip; mariana sauce with extra garlic. appetizer was two crackers with a wee bit of mango chutney.

Before bed (ack!) a small bowl of blackberries topped with blended almond in water with probiotic (making almond cheese)

This day I am thrilled to have picked a quart of certified organic blueberries and nearly 4 quarts of 'wild blackberries'. The blackberries are free for the finding! Soon I hope to be able to pick more blueberries. Blueberry season will be running another month probably. I will definitely be dehydrating some blueberries!

wild blackberries

certified organic blueberries

It has been highly energizing to harvest wild blackberries and eat them 'freshly' picked. I have been missing wild harvesting. And the berries are spectacular and huge!

I am so happy to find Island sources of organic blueberries for self picking.

A walk of 1.5 hours added some well appreciated exercise.