Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lasagna again oo la la

Breakfast started at 11:00 AM with lemon juice and rejuvelac followed by vegetable/fruit juice.
It led to a few veggie crackers.

3:00 PM an enjoyable slow eating small dish of granola with bits of cacao nibs, goji berries, dried currants, dried coconut, sunflower seeds, and ground pecans covered with almond milk.

the pulp from juicing spiced up with herbs and sea salt; will become crackers in the dehydrator

The rye bread is ready to eat. It tastes like rye bread and looks as if it had been baked and toasted, interesting. It is rarely that I eat grains. For years they have been high on my list of poorest choice of food.

rye berries beginning to sprout for the next batch of rejuvelac, beautiful kernels!

freshly made marinara sauce for lasagna

layering the plate with marinara sauce and zucchini

a layer of yam angel hair noodles topped with the seed/nut cheese

decorated with fresh basil leaves is the lasagna ready for the dehydrator

fresh from the dehydrator ready to eat!

Ready to eat a bit past 7:00 PM, the lasagna was divine! I ate seconds then ate a piece of the toast. :)

Sometime during the day I also ate a kiwi, pear and mango. Today definitely saw me eating a lot.(then 3 mangoes before bed! these cases of organic mango are unblemished, extraordinary, very fleshy a rare find)