Wednesday, August 31, 2011

She's come undone, and that is good

10:26 AM 2 7/8 cups of water. I wasn't the least bit interested in any water or food until this time.
following the water: a large pink grapefruit and a handful of nuts (walnuts/pecans soaked and dehydrated)

12:50 PM lunch pizza and a tart. The pizza: wrap dehydrated more than usual used for the base, almond/pecan cheese, mariana sauce, raw olives, fresh from my garden- basil leaves, sun dried tomato, red onion, sunflower pate(of sprouted sunflower seeds with fresh parsley and minced dill pickles> all surrounded by fresh from my garden, beans; a WOW(!)echoes from the chambers of my pleasure.

It was a shared lunch. A 'more please'(!)lunch.

3:30 PM matcha tea, a bliss ball and small lemon macaroon

8:00ish PM a tart topped with almond/pecan cheese, a couple forks full of the spectacular sunflower pate.

10:00ish PM a pink grapefruit

made a batch of almond milk and chia pudding for maybe- breakfast.

Tally Ho!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hari Om Tat Sat

8:24 AM smoothie of yam, turnip, kale, blueberries, blackberries, phytogreens pwd., carrot, hemp butter-- it is more like a pudding than a smoothie; it is smooth.

1:02 PM Salad of garden lettuce, parsley, spinach, roma tomato, red onion, pecans added part way through eating it, with mustard dressing (yes, I really really love that dressing and it is quick and easy to prepare).

Following the salad, a blackberry tart.

water 16.5 oz.

6:00 PM Strawberry peach cobbler I also purchased last night from Bliss Cafe

6:46 PM mango chutney, falafels, veggie chips; the chutney was so spicy hot that I added a dill pickle.

7:52 PM blackberry tart with cheese and a side of grapes

I get hungrier and eat more when the weather gets colder, like a bear preparing to hibernate, she says as she fills her face full of the rest of the grapes. It is good to see from this perspective what I eat. It shows me how little I need.

Today, a 1 hour brisk walk.

A really creative video

Monday, August 29, 2011

This Day is Given Me

I think I am eating too much the last two weeks. It feels like food is stuffing me up, stuffing me up as in making my body feel dense. So I am going to notice when gluttony sets in and what I reach for. Nuts for sure especially in combination with avocado are more difficult for me to utilize the energy of.

8:00 AM a pink grapefruit :)!

1:37 PM a smoothie of (now pay attention to this combination, eh) heh… I cleaned up the fridge, to use up bits of foods. Carrot, spinach, celery, kale, zucchini, orange, fresh picked this morning blackberries, phytogreens powder. (with 6 caps of phytogreens and Orti C-- I aim to soak up the mercury).

5:47 PM 2 tarts, Blackberry tarts that look like raspberry because of the orange juice added.

I made 22 Blackberry tarts today. The shell is almond and pecan based. All raw of course.

9:00 PM a chai tea with almond milk and a coconut macaroon from Bliss Cafe. I was out and about heading home and had this snack waiting for me, in my car. (I picked the tea and macaroon up before running errands)

9:13 PM salad of garden lettuce, lemon thyme, chives, parsley, green beans, added almond/pecan cheese, pear and mustard dressing(sounds like last night, huh). It is a repeat of last night only with pear instead of tomato. I was hungry and it tasted so very fine. :)

Water intake is down to 24 oz. today… I need a bigger bladder.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colour Me Purpled

Good Morning Greetz and Salutations with 16.5 oz of water

8:30 AM smoothie of goji berries, blackberries, almond cheese whey, hemp butter, cucumber peeled, celery stiks, mango, ice cubes, phytogreens pwd.

11:57 PM the other half of the smoothie

12:27 PM linguini as I had last evening, 6 phytogreens caps and 2 orti C caps

4:03 PM 3/4 pink grapefruit and a few pecans

6:30 PM smoothie of fresh picked wild blackberries with a very ripe frozen bananas and phytogreens powder & Orti C

7:48 PM salad of fresh picked green beans, lemon thyme, parsley, chives, lettuce with added tomato, avocado, home made almond cheese, drizzled with homemade mustard dressing

8:45 PM I have had a craving for eating tastes all evening. Out came the almond cheese & mango chutney scooped up with veggie chips. HOLY Tastes(!)! This is definitely a taste combo to repeat.

I know, this picture is not clear, it is the only one I have though

I am feeling tonight that I hopefully can develop more creativity with the food.

water today was another 2 7/8 cups x's 2. Also exercise of a 1 hour walk. I thought to walk or bike more, and didn't.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

'Eat Food, Eat Real Food'

8:30 AM a smoothie of cantaloupe, kiwi, blackberries, ice, phytogreens powder. Also phytogreens cap and orate C

12:30ish PM butternut squash salad with tuna-ish salad

3:20 PM 1/2 of a large pink grapefruit

6:30 PM linguini made from turnip and yam and sea vegetable strip; mariana sauce with extra garlic. appetizer was two crackers with a wee bit of mango chutney.

Before bed (ack!) a small bowl of blackberries topped with blended almond in water with probiotic (making almond cheese)

This day I am thrilled to have picked a quart of certified organic blueberries and nearly 4 quarts of 'wild blackberries'. The blackberries are free for the finding! Soon I hope to be able to pick more blueberries. Blueberry season will be running another month probably. I will definitely be dehydrating some blueberries!

wild blackberries

certified organic blueberries

It has been highly energizing to harvest wild blackberries and eat them 'freshly' picked. I have been missing wild harvesting. And the berries are spectacular and huge!

I am so happy to find Island sources of organic blueberries for self picking.

A walk of 1.5 hours added some well appreciated exercise.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Eat and Support Certified Organics!

8:20 AM smoothie of Kale, cantaloupe, orange, phyogreens both caps and pwd. and Orti C, pear, zucchini, ice

12:00 Noon lasagne (left overs!)

Roadside blackberry picking today. They are huge!

2:23 PM icy blackberry/very ripe banana, smoothie WOW!

water 2 x's 2 7/8 cups

5:56 PM butternut squash salad, crackers, cherry tart, smoothie of blackberries, cantaloupe, ice and some pecan nuts

quite a while later I finished off the days eating with the left over quinoa mixed with mango and some coconut crystals??? huh??

I still have no symptoms of caffeine withdrawal from those two cups of coffee.

(woke this morning to a feeling that brought on a thought of maybe I am having a heart attack. It was mid chest, was dull sharp pain and radiated prickly discomfort. I noticed it and let go of my thinking. It passed. I am left with a sense it has to do with the mercury clearing and something viral that had attached to it, releasing of it).

Thursday, August 25, 2011


This morning I ached all over my body- prolly pushing more mercury to the surface after the long brisk walk yesterday. Thus I socked a lot of phytogreens into me today. The aching didn't last very long. I was pleasantly surprised. I am in better shape than I thought I was.

8:30 AM 16 oz. of water-- not just any water, either. It is reverse osmosis cleaned water that is cleared with the north side of a magnet and recharged with the south side of a magnet. Words such as 'inner peace', 'perfect health' and 'love' are printed on the outside of the containers. AND(!) I set the bottle in use on a copy of the urtext. I LOVE and nurture my water! I shake the 11L bottle of water when enough water has been used from the container in order to create a vortex which energizes the water. If there was a place to gather fresh clean spring water near by, that would be my preference.

I find that my water intake has dipped back too much since I don't feel thirsty very often when eating raw so I am purposely drinking more water and will reflect same in the blog. What alerts me to a need to drink more water is my left kidney becomes easily irritated and drinking water improves it within a few short minutes.

12:26 PM smoothie of kiwi, cantaloupe, cucumber(peeled), phytogreens powder 1 scoop along with 6 phytogreen caps and 2 orti C (creating a huge mercury sponge).

3:45 PM 16 oz of water

5:00 PM 2 bowls(!) of butternut squash salad. (I was very hungry and the salad tasted fantastic thus the 2 bowls full), plus 2 falafel and a wee bit of mango chutney (6 more phytogreen caps and 2 orati C).

the OMG, Far Out, Most amazing butternut squash salad by 'The Minimalist Mark Bittman

This evening while I wait for the wraps prepared today, to finish dehydrating, I ate a grapefruit with some hemp butter. I am very tired wanting the wraps to hurry and dehydrate enough so I can go to bed. They are a soft flexible wrap.

I didn't feel like a coffee today even though I passed by it in two health food stores. I feel emotionally brighter as well… I shifted emotionally on a deeper level, on a level of better looking after myself, in an emotionally healthier way. I can feel that. I thought I would be wanting coffee for a week or at least a few days. The coffee didn't rev me up like usual, either. And I had good night sleeps, both nights and became really tired before midnight, both nights.

Also what is different I have felt absolutely no coffee withdrawal effect. Not even a tinge of a headache. No depressed feelings or negative thinking, either. My withdrawal effect hits on two days after drinking a cup of coffee. All it takes is one cup, once. I will see what tomorrow brings.

Wraps are done 11:56 PM… I am heading to bed!

Hi! tis me again, the blogger

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walking, YES!

11:26 AM Rejuvelac followed by a Smoothie of mango, ice cubes, pear, apricot, cucumber(peeled), phytogreens pad., Kiwi, a few pecans.

It was crunchy with ice. I figure it must be the super healthy or even healthy version of a slurpy cept with not as much ice, which I have never had and shan't, either.

1:29 PM a piece of the lasagne with spiced up mariana. The lasagne was tastier the second day even without the spiced up sauce added yet the sauce definitely enhanced the flavour.

3:43 PM embarked upon a 10 km walk. Completed it in 2.5 hours. It was on a gravel pathway through bush up and down sloppy uneven terrain. A thoroughly enjoyable walk. My legs and feet started to ache a little over 6 km into the walk. OOOPS(!) new shoes not broken in. Egads me. I stopped once for a rest on a bench, 5 or 10 minutes and twice stopped to pick and eat wild blackberries. What a treat! Reminded me of biking from Niagara Falls to Queenston Heights where I would stop to pick and feast upon wild raspberries, for breakfast.

The trail here near where I live circles around two lakes, Elk and Beaver.

Supper 6something PM I felt like having a bit of cooked quinoa so cooked some up and topped it with some of the mango chutney I had prepared for supper. A quick trot to the garden and got me some fresh lettuce and used it as a bed for mango chutney. 4 felafels lay atop the chutney. mmmmm it was. The quinoa not so much. I didn't enjoy it so much. There is such a difference between cooked and raw food. Old tastes really fall away.

Coffee drinking for me seems to be directly linked to an earlier emotional wound which is somehow connected to an emotional issue currently in my life. The initial emotional wound came about at a time in my life when I was a coffee drinker. I am talking 43 years ago! I notice the two issues are linked and something emotional about them is linked to drinking coffee. I didn't want a coffee today. The craving and any thoughts of wanting one, ceased. It seems different like if I want a coffee it would be no big deal. This is hard to put into words when I am tired.

I have been tardy again, sorry; tally ho and on to tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are you in physical pain?

**Refined Sugar increases physical pain. Remove it completely from your diet and notice how pain changes.

10:30 AM rejuvelac and a handful of grapefruit/orange/carrot/ chips

early afternoon: a tart. :), a smoothie with a few grapes, apricot, phytogreens powder, orange, cucumber, mango, ice

3:25 PM lunch I suppose it was lunch. The watermelon/tomato salad, what was left of it was used to mix with some sprouts and pecan nuts. That tasted good enough to satisfy me.

5:30ish PM a Bliss ball from Planet Organic and an organic coffee. I felt like coffee again. I am emotionally off. I don't know, I might do coffee more this week. Will see. I am open to it for a change. It is the withdrawal effect I don't like. My naturopath tested me for coffee and the result was it is ok for me according to his findings. According to D'adamo my blood type is the type that is compatible with coffee. This coffee is nice tasting organic/fair trade coffee. I notice my left ear ringing after drinking it. This reaction is not exclusive to coffee.

I think this is a low caffeine coffee or I grabbed a decaf by mistake. I am falling asleep as I type. Or maybe my system is neutralizing the effect of coffee now. Last night I had half decaf and half caffeine coffee and quickly come 11:00 PM became mega tired.

I made a lasagne and have it warming in the dehydrator. It is layered zucchini, spinach, avocado, mariana sauce and the top layer includes cashew sun dried tomato cheese. Excitement is rising while I give it some time to warm and become tastier even. It would be disastrous if it turned to tasting like vinegar like last time. I doubt it will; this batch of cheese is made with probiotic rather than rejuvelac. I am much sure it was the revuelac that fermented it further into vinegar, last time I made lasagne.

Lasagne before dehydrator warming

Lasagne ready to eat

I forgot to add both the salt and the oregano! I had both on the counter and put them away thinking I had already used them. I know where my mind was and I was struggling to keep it on what I was doing. Result the lasagne tasted rather bland. Olives helped to improve its taste at supper. Luckily I had some remaining mariana sauce and can use it to enhance what is left. The oregano and salt I added before sleeping last night.

Craved pink grapefruit, big time, so bought two when I was out picking up some supplies and ate both before bed. One I ate with hemp butter. Hemp butter only gets better tasting every time I eat it! (store hemp butter in the freezer to best preserve it)

Monday, August 22, 2011

whoa today

8:30 Am Good Morning! Starting the day with a red grapefruit and a few pecans

Noonish a fruit drink of orange, cantaloupe, mango, phytogreens pwd. added phytogreens caps and 2 caps of Vitamin C to help sponge up the mercury that is still coming up

2:35 PM 4 felafel; 2 with cashew cheese and sun dried tomato pesto, 2 with cashew cheese and mango chutney, together with lettuce drizzled with mustard dressing.

eaten off a pretty plate

A young male deer Lunch guest grazing outside my window. Well synchronized, I must say!

The cheese stiffened after being refrigerated and it is so much improved this time round. I put a portion of it in the dehydrator to hopefully form hard cheese, with added sun dried tomato, black pepper, celtic salt.

This afternoon some time was used to mix grapefruit pulp, orange pulp, carrot pulp, almond pulp, flax seed ground which is dehydrating into chips. A taste test tomorrow will bring in the food critic.

Made almond milk.

5:57 PM a red grapefruit I bought whilst on a quick run to the grocery stores. I bought a coffee half decaf half not. As I type the blog at near midnight right now, I am getting really very sleepy. I really wanted a coffee… something about it being connected to my creative drive. I don't know what that is about, going by an inner drive with this. It could be something old coming up to release.

7:50 PM supper of tomato/watermelon salad with some of the sun dried tomato cheese which is not done yet and some of the white refrigerated cheese. Both taste phenomenally deelish! (Recipe by 'The Minimalist')I ate a small bite of salmon to try that which Mr. Roomy prepared for himself.

This evening I got busy making cherry tarts, little ones.

on the left a cherry tart in steel and on the right a cherry tart in aluminum foil

9:10 PM sampled a tart from the freezer and it is not quite done-- I find them extremely rich and will prolly redo the recipe to suit me. Salt will be cut back for starters although there is not much salt in the mixture it tastes powerfully salty to me.

10:03 One more tart, this time it is finished and is so much nicer than when it is has not completed freezing. It doesn't taste as rich. Odd how freezing makes the difference!

About 10:28 PM two skinny slabs of cantaloupe. Wow it tasted like candy! So nicely ripe, perfecto!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Do you Exercise?

7:00 AM a whole grapefruit, and 1 orange juiced mixed with rejuvelac

9:15 AM a slice of the rye toast with cashew cheese, a few minutes later a few grapes (not a food hygiene way of eating and I do understand fruit needs no digestion so ought to be eaten first in order that it passes through the intestines and not be held back fermenting in your gut whilst digesting heavier food eaten prior to it which requires at least a few hours digestion)

!2:00 PM linguine with mariana mixed with sun dried tomato pesto and olives

5:20 a grapefruit

I have been drinking a lot of water today. More mercury is flushing from me, so have been on phytogreens to ward off re-absorbing the mercury.

5:37 PM a smoothie, very thick one with phytogreens, orange, banana, strawberries, cherries, mango; all but the orange and phytogreens frozen and blended with ice cubes. Gawd the taste is out of this world!! (I am typing this as I am drinking/eating it; it is really thick).

6:00ish PM a kiwi fruit cut up and covered with the whey from making the cashew cheese, and topped with a few pecans

8:45 PM 1/8 of a small watermelon

10:30 PM snack attack so I ate 4 felafels with cashew cheese, two with sun dried tomato pesto and two with cashew cheese and mango chutney.

whipping marvelous appetizer or meal with a salad

Saturday, August 20, 2011

heh haw haw hee hee

Morning, early, grapefruit/orange juice with rejuvelac.

12 noonish a veggie wrap filled with some mango chutney/ mung bean sprouts, red cabbage and felafel. I loved it so much that I ate two!

veggie wrap, mango chutney, mung bean sprouts, red cabbage, felafel

some while later I ate a pear. I hadn't had a pear in a number of days and loved it like I had never eaten a pear before!

Supper salads eaten approx. 7:35 PM, one salad loaded vegetable and some fruit.

heirloom tomato, yellow pepper, romaine lettuce, avocado, sweet lime fruit, kiwi, cauliflower, cucumber, celery, chopped kale, mustard vinaigrette.

and... one predominately 'carrot pulp' salad; the carrot pulp from juicing carrots. I use up as much of the food as possible. There is no need to toss the pulp and if you do toss it to the compost or place it in a biodegradable bag for road side garbage pick up! Make sure your food is organic. That is a HUGE part of a 'raw food life style'. Although non organic will suffice if you have not access to organic. Get magnets to clean the food with. Clean on the north side of the magnet, recharge on the south side of the magnet. The carrot salad is a bearer of good news for the liver.

carrot pulp, black pepper, dill pickle, fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil

While making supper I got to making cashew cheese and felafels, as well. Make sure your cashew are truly raw. Deception is also within the raw foods industry. I use a sprout bag to hang the cheese to allow the whey to drip free. You can use cheese cloth. There is non bleached cheese cloth on the market.

raw cashew, HMF probiotic, food processor, hung in a sprout bag to drain off whey

Felafel is so easy and quick to make. :)!
felafel top shelf, the green things, bottom shelf, the sprouted rejuvelac saturated rye berries toast

With another batch of Rejuvelac finished brewing there are more sprouted rye berries to convert into bread. Thus the process began while making supper.

rye toast, this batch with sun-dried tomato, salt, black pepper

The fridge needs more almond milk! :)

raw almonds soaking in preparation of becoming almond milk

I nibbled upon half a piece of black pepper rye berries toast.

Before bed, a whole grapefruit.

Another day leaving me soaring onward!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Mushroom Manure

The Mushroom Manure is for the vegetable garden. I fed 3 of the gardens, today. They are tiny to small gardens.

I hold a certificate as a life-centred transformational counsellor/psychotherapist. The training is on track with experiences that led me to the training, and that is important to me; to include my experience of life. This blogging experience has been an extension in ways that takes me more intimately into the depth of myself, as I knew it would be. So far so good with keeping it going. I come up with heaps and heaps of ideas… most of which I do nothing with. Some of them want so much to be birthed they cling on until I do something about them. That is the case of this blog… the idea was 2 years ago. I began it then let it go until a couple of months ago. It never left me alone for long through those 2 years. It quietly nudged me and nudged me and nudged me until I got back to it: I am reaping what it is teaching me.

Well Good Morning! May your day be a fresh-delectable-toothsome one!

9:00ish AM Rejuvelac with grapefruit/orange juice, freshly squeezed and phytogreens powder mixed in.

You know the fresh squeezed commercial fruit juices are not what you think they are, do you? They remove the oxygen from the juice and store it up to a year in vats. Then they need to boost it for the market, with flavourings which gives it that steady taste. Lack of nutrients. The taste grabs the attention and the words used to market it are as well. HOWEVER(!) It does not compare to Fresh Squeezed Juice!

10:10 AM approximately I sampled two chunks of the sushi roll. Mr. Roomy called exactly as I finished enjoying it to tell me how much he likes it. (it was an experiment and I had no intuitive sense of how it would taste)

11:12 AM carrot juice with rejuvelac

Dern it, what time did I eat the rest of the sushi roll? ??

sushi with tuna-ish salad, cashew cheese, mustard dressing, mesclun, julienned celery and carrot, olives, pepper, amidst greek salad. What do you think of that?

12:12 PM a grapefruit

Do YOU take REUSABLE ECO SUPPORTIVE SHOPPING BAGS with you to buy groceries?

4:18 Rejuvelac

While preparing supper I drank and was WOWz'd by...

banana, cantaloupe, ice and phyotgreens powder

6:30ish PM a lettuce salad and cleaning up the greek salad made last evening. The greek salad is way best eaten immediately when prepared. Like at lunch, I added some red pepper dressing to it for the boost in flavour. Pretty much that salad is a thumb and a half down, for me.

lettuce salad with red pepper dressing on the left, greek salad with avocado dressing spiffed up with red pepper dressing on the right

I enjoyed a juicy pink grapefruit sometime before bed. :) mmmmMMmmm