Thursday, August 25, 2011


This morning I ached all over my body- prolly pushing more mercury to the surface after the long brisk walk yesterday. Thus I socked a lot of phytogreens into me today. The aching didn't last very long. I was pleasantly surprised. I am in better shape than I thought I was.

8:30 AM 16 oz. of water-- not just any water, either. It is reverse osmosis cleaned water that is cleared with the north side of a magnet and recharged with the south side of a magnet. Words such as 'inner peace', 'perfect health' and 'love' are printed on the outside of the containers. AND(!) I set the bottle in use on a copy of the urtext. I LOVE and nurture my water! I shake the 11L bottle of water when enough water has been used from the container in order to create a vortex which energizes the water. If there was a place to gather fresh clean spring water near by, that would be my preference.

I find that my water intake has dipped back too much since I don't feel thirsty very often when eating raw so I am purposely drinking more water and will reflect same in the blog. What alerts me to a need to drink more water is my left kidney becomes easily irritated and drinking water improves it within a few short minutes.

12:26 PM smoothie of kiwi, cantaloupe, cucumber(peeled), phytogreens powder 1 scoop along with 6 phytogreen caps and 2 orti C (creating a huge mercury sponge).

3:45 PM 16 oz of water

5:00 PM 2 bowls(!) of butternut squash salad. (I was very hungry and the salad tasted fantastic thus the 2 bowls full), plus 2 falafel and a wee bit of mango chutney (6 more phytogreen caps and 2 orati C).

the OMG, Far Out, Most amazing butternut squash salad by 'The Minimalist Mark Bittman

This evening while I wait for the wraps prepared today, to finish dehydrating, I ate a grapefruit with some hemp butter. I am very tired wanting the wraps to hurry and dehydrate enough so I can go to bed. They are a soft flexible wrap.

I didn't feel like a coffee today even though I passed by it in two health food stores. I feel emotionally brighter as well… I shifted emotionally on a deeper level, on a level of better looking after myself, in an emotionally healthier way. I can feel that. I thought I would be wanting coffee for a week or at least a few days. The coffee didn't rev me up like usual, either. And I had good night sleeps, both nights and became really tired before midnight, both nights.

Also what is different I have felt absolutely no coffee withdrawal effect. Not even a tinge of a headache. No depressed feelings or negative thinking, either. My withdrawal effect hits on two days after drinking a cup of coffee. All it takes is one cup, once. I will see what tomorrow brings.

Wraps are done 11:56 PM… I am heading to bed!

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