Sunday, June 26, 2011

Soup and Salad

Staggered eating throughout the afternoon which I suppose can qualify as lunch stretched, I enjoyed 3 oranges, a veggie cracker with sesame tahini and coconut crystals on it and another macaroon. I was active outdoors in the perfect sunny warm day.

Come supper time, I ate up the rest of the butternut squash soup at room temperature yet pepper warm...

…and a wonderful salad prepared of purple leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, black kale, cucumber, kiwi fruit, celery, heritage and roman tomatoes, basil/sunflower pesto, avocado and after picture taking I added red onions that had a bit of a hot bite.

Vanilla Macroons

Dehydrated for a approx 36 hours. Ground coconut ribbons, almond flour(dehydrated strained leftover almond from making almond milk), coconut crystals, vanilla extract, coconut butter. wowzy!


Break/fast for today was orange, blackberries, ground pecans, bee pollen, covered in fresh squeezed lemon juice, vanilla coconut maroon on the side.

I hadn't felt like eating until near noon. In my healthier states I often don't feel like eating until at least 2:00 PM. I often will go for an entire day without eating nor noticing the fact until the evening. Noticing was sometimes through feeling hungry, other times via thought, not feeling hungry at all.

I continue to take phytogreens and Vitamin C that assist mercury detox which I have been working with for a year. Included to facilitate heavy metal detox are unda numbers for drainage, when needed. My efforts are working. I also use self energy treatments, now and then. I feel a heightened energy propelling me to more energy work on myself.