Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Raw Carrot Cake

First you make a 'Raw Unsweetened Carrot Cake', stay up until 3:00 AM chatting a grand time with friend Ellie in Oregon, sleep, early morning 'rise and shine' ready for breakfast, remove the cake from the spring form pan...

voila(!) Raw Carrot Cake

cut a slice, prepare icing from cashew cheese that has been probiotic fermenting all night, ice your piece of cake...

pour your own hand squeezed apple juice mixed with rejuvelac into a 'Leanne Pizio' art piece pottery vessel…

sip don't gulp Fresh hand Squeezed 'Apple Juice' mixed with rejuvelac that fills a 'Leanne Pizio' made drinking vessel

and bite into a 'GLORY BE' raw cake experience! Then you realize you are eating cake for breakfast and hoot out a 'rah-raw' with both thumbs Up joy for this fully nutritious breakfast meal. I ask you; 'How about that there?'

The cake is made of carrot, coconut, date, fresh apple, dried apple, dried pineapple, cinnamon and nutmeg. Eat with or without the icing. The icing is made of cashew cheese (probiotic fermented), almond flavouring and coconut crystals as a sweetener(I substituted coconut crystals for the agave the recipe called for). Recipe by 'Jennifer Cornbleet', my teacher in the fundamentals course of 'Living Light Culinary Arts Institute'. Much gratitude to you Jennifer and to Living Light!

a Birds Eye view of the drinking vessel by 'Leanne Pizio'

'HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mother'! I called her. Mum loved the book card showing highlights of the year she was boon in.

A day of feeling like I am eating a lot, again. More than I need, for sure. It shows me how little food I need because really I have not eaten a lot, it only seems so. The pieces of cake were small and certainly were not high in calories.

Later on I ate an orange. I was hungry, then some kale chips, testing some at Planet Organic. prefer my home made chips. Mine are more primitive looking and tasting, less commercial looking and tasting. Somewhere in there I ate a bliss ball, too.

A bite of a chocolate/raspberry cheese cake Mr. Roomy brought from Bliss Cafe. The fruit/cheese was layered alternately with a layer of chocolate. The next time I make chocolate cake that is what I will do, a chocolate layer alternated with a predominately fruit layer. I don't often eat chocolate because I experience strong withdrawal so lately I am out of my norm. I feel like I want coffee when I eat chocolate. And coffee also throws me into a strong withdrawal reaction, even after one cup. The withdrawal always comes two days following the day I ate it. It has me feeling depressed and also a slight headache.

Then I drank a fruit/almond milk smoothie. It was a pint size smoothie. I drank 4 oz of rejuvelac moments prior to drinking the smoothie. This is classified as over consumption. Our Western Society is brimming over with Queen and Kings of over eating. We do it so well. We do it without looking, thinking, with or without exercise, without discipline, we are masters in the ability to over eat.

So far I never let myself get beyond 128 lb after it happened once, not including during pregnancy, then I corrected my eating habits and learned how to be bodily heavy or light, and making it my choice at my will to be what weight I wanted to be. It surprises me that when my weight has inched to 128 pounds how relatively easy it was to reverse since I had made a decision that that was my limit and I wholly agreed to that decision. The heaviest I have been while not pregnant was 132 which gave me enough of a comparison to decide between my heavy and my slight. During pregnancy I bellowed to 137 lb (a 30 lb gain) birthing 8lb 6oz to 8lb 15oz babies, 4 times. Easily the excess weight of 12 pounds melted away during breast feeding.

Once you reverse your actions for even one day you are on your way. Stick with it and let the results show you how quickly the body will follow the lead of your intention. I like to be slender rather than meaty, for the most part and have been quite fanatical about weight through the years. At one point I dropped to 100 lb and one day I saw how horribly boney I was when I stood before a mirror. Odd I that hadn't noticed it before that one time. Something must have shifted within to allow myself to see clearly.

red pepper dressing and tuna-ish salad with lettuce greens, tomato, avocado, orange, olives

I ate another piece of carrot cake, with icing. The icing is light with mild sweetness. And I had a red raspberry leaf tea which I did steep in hot water. I keep forgetting to soak it in room temp water.

I think I am still hungry yet how can that possibly be. Interesting how eating sweet things begs for more. Sitting with the feeling is interesting. It moves about my abdomen. I never noticed it moving before. Of course the food will be moving while digestion is going on. Wow, it never occurred to me before that I don't like this feeling and know the feeling will change and not feel the same way if I eat again. The feeling that would stop me from eating more is a stuck feeling, a too full feeling. It is revealing to blog. The feeling also would stop if I eat something like citrus fruit, a grapefruit is what I keep thinking about, or more cake. Ok, I am opting for the grapefruit and will see how I feel afterward(I do in fact see feelings). I also don't like to be distracted by the body.

Wow, grapefruit is so potent. The feeling is changed to enough yet I didn't stop at enough. I was enjoying the eating of the grapefruit, immensely, and am now left with a feeling bordering 'stuffed'. And that is how it goes folks, do you recognize yourself?
Welp, it was worth the experiment.

Later gator!