Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Day

Eating started at 9:30 AM this morning with a tall glass of water mixed with 3 ounces of fresh juiced lemon. (Yes, imperial dates me. Although here in Canada we still post imperial and metric measurements in our grocery stores bulk sales and on labels. Find here is a metric conversion site if you really need to know the measurement in metric.

Afterwards I had a bowl of bosc pear, pistachios, grapes and kiwi topped with bee pollen. Read about some health benefits of this delicious pistachio nut. Buy it raw and preferably in the shell.

Lunch time didn't happen until 3:30 PM. I finished the salad from last night, and added a couple of falafels which were sensational!! wow! They are made of sprouted garbonzo beans(chick peas), sunflower seeds, almonds, red onion, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, Nama Shoyu, garlic and curry powder. The recipe is from RAWvolution by: Matt Amsden, a fellow Canadian who lives in L.A. and has an online meal order by the week, catering to the U.S. States. I also drank half a glass of coconut water.

Hours passed before I actually got hungry during shopping for food supplies. I didn't grab anything to eat at that time though. This whole blog is turning out to be an unexpected experiement and is quite revealing to me about my eating habits for sure. It was 9:30 PM before I decided to actually eat, I was genuinely hungry. What I really wanted to do was leave eating until morning. It felt like the best thing to do was to eat something. You remember that frozen dessert I am working on? Well I buzzed some through the juicer topped it with frozen blueberries also through the juicer. The almond coconut blend turned out to be the smoothest creamiest textured dessert I ever have tasted. It is very very good and I want to improve upon it. Adding in the blueberries was, ah, ok.

Ate an orange half an hour later. hmmmm I am wanting to cut out late night eating unless I plan on staying up LATE into the night.

I made some sunflower pate this evening… will share about that tomorrow… also will share about the crackers I will be preparing tomorrow. They were scheduled to be made today and I forgot to soak the whole flax seed. Most nuts and seeds need to be soaked to release enzyme inhibitors. If you grind them in a blender before using, soaking can be by passed.