Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunny Perfect Day

Meals started today at 1:05 PM 1 bosc pear, kiwi fruit, seed yogurt and walnuts.
The seed yogurt was more like cheese today. It is best eaten the same day it is made, imo.

T'was a bummer that the rejuvelac turned bad so I fed the entire batch to the garden. I think it needed more warmth during fermenting. I find rejuvelac really temperamental to make and it can get costly with the loss of the expensive hard to find raw berries. For now I will make cheese with probiotics, unless I decide to attempt rejuvelac with wheat berries. They are more economical.

After washing the kelm runner I headed for the juicer and made up some sorbet from strawberries and frozen almond milk. The coldness was nice after working up a sweat.

The dish is by potter 'Goldie Sherman', Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

The flax crackers in the dehydrator as shown turned out rather perfect tasting. I had added garlic dulse flakes by Maine Coast and Herbamare herbs and veggies with sea salt-- the spicy combo. Both seasonings are organic. Maine coast seasoning is raw dried and the herbamare is vacuum dehydrated. The temperature used in their dehydrating process is an unknown. I haven't researched it and am too tired this evening to do so. It is something I want to check out, to know. The flax was soaked over night and dehydrated approx 20 hours.

The crackers on the plate are the flax crackers shown above. I slathered them with hemp butter topped with some coconut crystals. 2 thumbs up! It was filling snack that followed the sorbet.

These are mung beans I have been nurturing for sprouts for the last couple of days. They are ready to eat. Just look at those fresh lively little delights! It is a perfect batch. Rinsing them often helps to keep them fresh and not moldy as they grow.

It was on to errands afterwards and I didn't get home until nearly 9:00 PM. It was 9:00 PM by the time I got to eat the salad. I was pretty hungry and had decided to eat rather than not.
The salad is of red lettuce, red onion, mung bean sprouts, olives, avocado, yellow heritage tomato, seed cheese. I drizzled avocado oil over the salad, squirts of lime and seasoned it with some spicy herbamare. It was tasty and alive.

A strong desire to eat an orange followed the salad, which I ate. I find oranges to be so beautifully flavourful!

Today I washed a kelm rug outside on the grass; an easy way to wash eastern natural fiber hand made carpets. After lightly scrubbing it with a brush and eco safe soap I hosed the suds and grime out with cold water. Leaving it to dry in the sun works well .