Saturday, July 2, 2011

Listen to Your Intuition

All I wanted in the morning was at 11:30 AM-- a large pink grapefruit with bee pollen and walnut halves.

Then it was off to the Moss Street Market where I purchased amongst garden plants, this beautiful edible bouquet. The flowering herbs are a visual aromatic treat before they become part of salad making.

Now here is where I crossed my intuition about what to eat and partially mixed that with 'thinking' I ought to eat up the left over salad from last evening. I really wanted avocado… so I sliced a whole one and added it to the salad that already had a bit of avocado in it. Also sunflower seeds sparingly sprinkled on top with sunflower pate topping the center, were added.

A while later I had a craving for cantaloupe so cut up a half of a fairly large one. I ate the whole half. I was already feeling quite full from the salad and feel strongly had I ate only avocado and cantaloupe, I would have been better off. The meal sent me to sleep for about 15 minutes! I know to listen to intuition, not always do I do it!