Thursday, September 8, 2011

and morph it is!

AM 20 oz water and warm matcha tea

Soaking up vitamin D day.

2:48 PM Basil leaves fresh harvested, tomato, green beans fresh harvested, raw dill pickle(Bubbies), sesame tahini mixed with olive oil and stone ground mustard. It was an extremely filling dish!

7:34 PM home after picking 3 quarts of blueberries, 6 quarts of blackberries- I was very hungry

8:00 PM a quick pick me upper called icy blackraspberry juice which I prepared as I snacked on a few blueberries-- fresh from the plant and sunshine food!

9:00 PM munching a few crackers while I prepared the mariana sauce, and sun dried tomato/garlic/black pepper almond cheese which is overnight in the dehydrator

9:35 PM pasta- zucchini and sea vegetable linguini covered in the mariana sauce

following that: the chia pudding that was mixed with almond milk, honey, cinnamon, lucuma pwd., blueberries and blackberries

So, tonight it felt like I have morphed with respect to my blog. This blog has been useful for me to discover aspects of myself and to share my menus as I change with raw/living foods. I won't have a focus on posting daily menus now yet am undecided how to continue the blog from now on. Tomorrow may bring me more of a sense of where I want to go with blogging.