Saturday, June 25, 2011

Raw Ice Cream like Dessert

what do you think of that?

A while after eating squash soup which was heated low heat so not to compromise enzymes, I felt like something cold and soft. Therefore this dish which is simply frozen grapes and frozen bananas put through the champion juicer with the blank plate makes for a pretty and delicious sweet treat! It is cold and soft. Bananas are a fruit I do poorly with, however, eating them once in a while works for me.

Sushi Rolls

Lunch, yesterday. Stacked for sushi rolls. Bottoms up: hemp seed butter, avocado, heritage tomato slices, himalyan salt, black pepper, purple leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, kale/oregano/sunflower pesto.

A truly tasty roll. I made a second one and ate it without waiting for the first to settle in my belly. Definitely ate one whole sushi too much. Enjoyed with olives.