Saturday, May 3, 2014

Juice Fast - Day 1

No camera yet, still buried in the storage unit. I resist moving all the nicely stacked stuff and rooting through boxes. Still no move for me. I hang out mostly in the room I sleep in. What is going in my life. I have income dribbling in, a couple of clients and an upcoming Reiki workshop to teach, o and an appt. on Tuesday to see about doing work through another venue in a small local village. I have been resisting anchoring myself and once I decided I don't have to anchor myself to work here, I can travel and teach and work with clients. Now things are slowing beginning to move. I have been organizing and rid of stuff no longer useful, again.

So today I started a juice fast. One juice in the morning and one in the late afternoon is the general idea and herbal tea when wanted, drinking tons of water through the day. The morning juice that I didn't have until afternoon was of broccoli, celery, dark dino kale, ida red apple, carrot; and the later juice was carrot with ginger. Tea in the early evening of 3 fennels. That helps to move toxins on out.

Following drinking the first juice of the day which was in the afternoon, about 2 pm, there was such a rush of energy that cranked on in me.

My detox symptoms are gentle. I released a huge bit on Wednesday through giving myself an energy treatment. Very slight headache, not much at all. Mostly I tired easily. Driving to a local town and back began lulling me to sleep as soon as I returned to the farm. Late afternoon until early evening I wanted to eat a banana. I didn't do and now am glad I stuck to juice. I am getting rushes of energy like viral chills, on off late day into the night now. Maybe there is a virus that has been hovering in me trying to get active and is being flushed up and out. No other viral symptoms. It isn't something I have had to deal with for YEARS, colds or flu's. Today though I got extremely tired. A nap took me down for about half an hour. I am not much of a daytime napper. I really need this cleanse after eating commercial stuff that carries chemicals, too much of it, last week in London. I let the feeling to do so, run it's course.

Still I am missing not being able to do a kitchen the functional practical way I enjoy working in, so the foods generally kept on hand have not been on hand. The pulp from juicing will be dehydrated into crackers and breads. That will help satisfy my snacking wants, a lot. Always I do know how to do with making do with less when I have to.

wow, my stomach just growled. I haven't heard that kind of organ groaning in a long time! Time to finish knitting a sock and early to bed. This juice fast may usher in a different schedule than I have been living. I look forward to that.

The weather is chilly and spring this year sucks. Cold, wet and a lack of sunshine. We may get a big thunderstorm overnight says the weather man. yes, looking forward to its arrival.

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