Sunday, August 14, 2011

Track what you eat, write it down! All of it!

Today has not been much of an eating day for me, t'was more like a picking licking day.

Rejuvelac, to start it off. I knew I ought to have written it all down. I cleaned some of the refrigerator and didn't even feel like eating anything much. I wasn't hungry. Now I remember, I ate an orange with some hempbutter later in the morning. The early afternoon it was a nectarine and a handful of walnuts and some pecans. That was good, that was very very good.

Supper was a juice of fruits and veggies, yam, zucchini, cucumber, celery, carrots, kale, dandelion leaves, whole lemon with added phytogreens powder.

My mind then ventured to pistachio land where they are raw, in shells, and I combined them with goji berries, a likely mix. I added a wee bit of himalayan salt. Ate a couple of crackers when I was filling the cracker jar and that was it. wow. Do you ever track what you eat? You prolly will be surprised to see it in writing!

Tomorrows lunch is in the fridge. It is a secret until tomorrow, though.

Buh bye now; See ya tomorrow!

P.S.-- it is tomorrow and my stomach is still off since eating those bagels. It tells me something deeper is going on. Interesting dream last night. I love dreams, they talk.

Let Your Little Light Shine

August 13, 2011

late night meditation to 'The Moola Mantra' with candle light

Breakfast outside, in the welcomed beating sunshine :)


orange, kiwi, hempbutter

Lunch-- still eating leftovers with a Bubbies raw dill pickle.

No real supper today, a bit of frozen fruit with coconut milk. Then I ate the two small gluten free bagels that were in the freezer. They are not raw and indigestion is setting in. I wasn't craving them and it was a ho hum decision to eat one then the other. According to my indigestion it wasn't a brilliant idea.