Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pizza Pic This Time

Early - cantaloupe ice smoothie, Bliss Ball with cashew icing. Blame it on eating sweeter foods lately.

My belly was growling for food first thing this morning. That is just wild crazy. I know it is an imbalance of microbes causing all the fuss, too much of on the sweet side of eating lately.
I kind of craved a coffee today to drink tonight. Going out to a cafe appealed to me. It wasn't actually a crave, it was more like thinking about it and seeking a change. An aspect of me wants me to stay up late. Maybe tomorrow night I will do that. I'll see.

2:28 PM Rejuvelac and sushi topped with mango chutney, a side of tuna-ish salad, sushi filled with yellow beans, Bubbies dill pickle, cucumber and veggie crackers

wow I was going to use some shredded carrot I had stored in a plastic bag in the fridge and it tasted like chemicals, plastic flavour. I like to use glass for storing food in, so more glass it is.
My taste buds have jumped to a more finely tuned level of sensitivity. Psychic awareness has been strong lately. It is like I can feel people thinking, a lot. This has always been the case for me, at least for most of my life. It is clearer to me right now.

8:00 PM Pizza & Carrot Juice.

The pizza is comprised of veggie cracker made large and round and cut into triangles. Cashew cheese, mariana sauce, raw dehydrated olives, red onion, mung bean sprouts, thin slices of cucumber. The fat slices of cucumber hold cashew cheese, mariana sauce and a cut in half raw olive. (they taste so spectacular!) The pizza tastes like a daily menu, it won't be though.

I carrot juice toast you, Cheers!

a Beautiful little find in the back yard, I doubt it is edible. It sure is pretty!