Monday, November 28, 2011

Body Ecology Coconut Kefir

Best Price on Coconuts I find is from Asian stores. I generally take a case at a time; they come 9 to a case. Most often the coconuts are 1.99$ a piece. I ask for a 10% per case discount which so far has been happily given to me. That brings the price of the coconuts to 1.80$ each. The price on coconuts rise and fall, lower and higher of 1.99$, at times.

Thus far to make yogurt from coconuts I do the same as I do when making yogurt from nut milk. I use HMF Forte or HMF Replete, both giving both Lactobacilus acidolphilus and bifidus bacterias. HMF is a brand cultured on human mothers milk which gives a strain of bacteria that will implant into the human gut.