Sunday, August 28, 2011

Colour Me Purpled

Good Morning Greetz and Salutations with 16.5 oz of water

8:30 AM smoothie of goji berries, blackberries, almond cheese whey, hemp butter, cucumber peeled, celery stiks, mango, ice cubes, phytogreens pwd.

11:57 PM the other half of the smoothie

12:27 PM linguini as I had last evening, 6 phytogreens caps and 2 orti C caps

4:03 PM 3/4 pink grapefruit and a few pecans

6:30 PM smoothie of fresh picked wild blackberries with a very ripe frozen bananas and phytogreens powder & Orti C

7:48 PM salad of fresh picked green beans, lemon thyme, parsley, chives, lettuce with added tomato, avocado, home made almond cheese, drizzled with homemade mustard dressing

8:45 PM I have had a craving for eating tastes all evening. Out came the almond cheese & mango chutney scooped up with veggie chips. HOLY Tastes(!)! This is definitely a taste combo to repeat.

I know, this picture is not clear, it is the only one I have though

I am feeling tonight that I hopefully can develop more creativity with the food.

water today was another 2 7/8 cups x's 2. Also exercise of a 1 hour walk. I thought to walk or bike more, and didn't.