Monday, October 28, 2013

Revving up my MIND

My day awoke me at 6-ish AM and as per usual lately I thought meditation, first. I realize that if I leave it until later I most likely will fill my time with other things. Odd how that happens.

I LOVE meditating. It speaks loud and soft about the dimension it embraces me in.

This morning I ran 20 solid minutes at mostly 5 miles per hour. That is remarkable for me considering that through my life I have tried running and hated it mostly because my body responded with pain that always jarred me to a stop. This year after dropping the toxicity levels of mercury and an old virus that lay beneath the mercury, a virus that came in at birth, I find all pain has vanished. I never get the pain anymore. So this mornings run on the tread mill left me feeling like I could go on. There are things I have to tend to so decided to call it quits. As I ran I realized it isn't my body that loves the run, it is me that loves the run!! When I owned that, I felt strength and empowerment and more vitality whooosh in. The body is neutral, I fill it with use or not, I fill it with useless or not, I fill it with self destruction or LIFE.

I am getting the experience of I am not my body, in the moment. Like I got it this morning.

I haven't eaten a thing since 7 PM last night, it is 2:33 PM now, and I feel strong, another sign that mercury detox has worked well. Even 6 months ago I could not go without food half as long as this. Amazing!

Of course I live a healthy lifestyle in many ways. Everything works together.

Hey, cheers, eh! :)