Wednesday, August 3, 2011


To try this week using nut/seed cheese.

Spotted this video last night. Will try it out very soon… prolly this week or the weekend. I will use nut/seed cheese and prolly grape seed oil. Bittman doesn't know about raw butternut squash soup I guess. You find it further down on this blog.

Throughout this day I enjoyed mango (only one and not before bed), veggie juice mixed with rejuvelac, a bosc pear, veggie crackers, a couple of the grapefruit snaps (testing them as they dehydrate), and…

a veggie plate with sunflower pate and tahini dressing as dips MMMMM

In the evening I attended a gathering where I learned to prepare the most useful vegetable wraps, a milder felafel than I generally make, greek salad and cherry tarts. I took my camera and forgot to take pictures! Enamoured with the food, you know, it took my complete focus. Samples were served which all tasted amazing/delicious! When I prepare these interesting and easy to prepare dishes of the evening, which I aim to get at right away, pictures will be posted.

It was a busy day and the destination took in 4 hours of driving to get there and return home. I tired not through the entire day/evening and made it home in record time. The drive through mountains is best done in the day time, and I was prepared to sleep in my car if need be. Life is a marvellous journey.

On the way home I ate bing cherries… LOT's of'em and a bite of cheese cake when I returned home. The cherries were heavenly blissful… the cheese cake was a complete surprise(!) Best raw cheese cake I have tasted and I have sampled many. WOW!


  1. Hey you have the recipe for the cheese cake? Jackie.

  2. What about recipes for sunflower pate and tahini dips? Jackie