Thursday, August 11, 2011

Craving more quantity of food

I don't know, suddenly I am streaming hungry, double appetite. Could be cuz it is cooler out today and last night. That generally turns up the volume on a need for food.

Breakfast don't recall the time- grapefruit with nuts, then I repeated a grapefruit with nuts, pecans and walnuts; gluttonous activity on my part, and I enjoyed; and Rejuvelac!

pink grapefruit with pecans and walnuts

Glass half full of Rejuvelac; unseen belly half full of Rejuvelac.

Lunch was a pear with hemp butter and kiwi with shavings of chocolate from yesterday. Wow that sure is a sweet treat!

a delectable daily desire of the current
pictures with the chocolate added didn't get taken, adding chocolate was a last moment whim

Supper was a mishmash of left overs with some cooked quinoa. I felt like a eating a hot dish this evening and quinoa was it. The fridge has to be cleared and a new week will begin. I got bored with what I was preparing, suddenly, end of the week. I am keen now to get some foods prepared and stored in the freezer, like tarts and veggie/fruit cakes, veggie burgers, neat balls, felafel, then prepare by the day sauces and tasty dishes to compliment them. The following week possibly a juice week. Don't know yet.

salads of the week with added fettuccine with tomato pesto, and kale salad with hemp seeds

A bowl of homogenized frozen fruits with coconut milk spooned over and some coconut crystals sprinkled on. I felt so full. That is a first full feeling I have experienced in some time. It was way too much to eat. See, like I said earlier, a gluttonous day!

Homogenized frozen fruit topped with coconut milk and coconut crystals.
Way filling; next time it will be half the size!