Sunday, May 4, 2014

Juice Fast Day 2

Last night I didn't go very early to bed and then sat dozing into a stupor until 2 am. I drifted in and out of deep sleep.

I woke this morning feeling like there is fuzz in my upper chest, deep down in tissues. My eyes were swollen. I felt some washed out and slept in until about 8 am; I looked horrible. Certainly things are working. That fuzzy feeling which is strange and horribly not nice showed up 5 years ago in my upper lower gut. It was black feeling. I did an energy treatment on myself and it burst into light and I felt so much better. Up until that point I was in bed for 3 days head smashing me down with such violent aches, I felt dizzy, weak, nauseous-- mercury detox. br>
It was after rising that I started with some juice. Half a squeezed lemon into a tall glass of water. I slow sipped it through a few hours and complimented it with water. 2ish I had carrot & ginger juiced diluted approx 50% with water. That has satisfied me until right now, 6:48. I figure it is best to drink a second juice now. I am drinking the greens plus an apple, no carrot in the mixture. Carrot is rather strong for me because it is so sweet. What I look forward to is tea tonight. Hot tea, made with 3 fennel again. I am feeling great now and I look like me again. hahaha.

I weighed myself today, forgot to yesterday. I figure I lost 2 pounds, the scales showed me at 110 pounds. It was my hope that my weight doesn't drop too much. I don't mind being really light weight during summer. Running is a joy in the thin, I feel like I am nearly flying. :) Considering it is still chilly weight loss will be stilted and will hold back some fat. This will better prepare myself for a further fast in the hot weather when fresh fruits and veggies harvest is blazing a glow.

I have felt better as the day went on today. Energy but I am feeling tired tonight. It is 11:02

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