Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Cap

It is late, I am not tired, feel hungry and want to watch a movie so have prepared a snack bowl. Gawd it tastes sooooo good! Frozen Banana, frozen grapes, frozen blueberries, orange, sprinkled with bee pollen and pecan pieces.


I best drop a line or few to keep track of what I am eating, not that I have made a commitment to write down everything I eat… this blog seems to be working that way thus far.

While preparing Falafel for the dehydrator I snacked on some green beans and sesame tahini. After that I felt like a tea and made some roasted dandelion. There was no raw dandelion root on hand. That turned on hunger which I rarely feel since eating raw/living/vegan. Tis a surprise to discover dandelion root will turn on hunger. I ate 4 halves of walnuts as I pondered what kind of meal I would like to eat.

In my fridge is a cauliflower which I do like in salads. Last time I ate this veggie I made it into a mimic of 'mashed potatoes', yep, 'raw'. Nah, don't think so this time. Prolly a salad will speak up more.

Oops, got busy and forgot to make a meal.

Break/fast with Pear

Tis all I felt like eating until 2:30 PM, one golden bosc pear.

Thoughts of a veggie/fruit juice came then at 2:30 PM which I had as well as a very few pecans. Juice was prepared from gala apple, celery, broccoli, cucumber, carrot, black Kale. That worked!