Sunday, July 24, 2011

Simply Simple

at precisely 12:30 PM- I ate a mango… it was a most tender, juicy, sweet and tantalizing fruit in the history of my eating; well maybe. Truly though, it was sublime! And that one turned into two. Just like that. Simply Supreme.

1:15 PM a goblet of silky home prepared almond milk with 1/2 scoop of energy inspiring phytogreens powder.

3:07 PM a pear that ignited a 2 plus hour walk on the beach in the glorious sunshine with my skin loving the skillful breeze that brushed it warmly. Simply Sensational.

at approximately 7:30 PM pulling together lively home grown mung beans, organic red vine ripe tomato, brilliant purple onion, soft & smooth avocado, refreshing cucumber, and well aged sunflower/pepita seed cheese created a treat of a salad to dine for. Adding a few squirts of stone ground mustard made eating it an experience of pzazz. (Sorry, I was distracted and forgot to take a photo.)

That's it, meals for today were Seriously Simply Simple.

The goblet was fashioned and created by a local Japanese artist who sells his finished works of pottery at 'Moss Street Market' Victoria, B.C.