Saturday, July 23, 2011

On The Road to visit a New Cafe

8:30 AM breakfast was some of the juice that I processed last night. I added a small amount of almond milk for the protein and extra nutrients and a scoop of phytogreens powder; packed up some pears, a nectarine, pistachios, water, dehydrated cracker/chips and headed to Nanaimo to pick up a friend.

1:30ish friend Pat and I ate at ‘Rawthentic’ Eatery' in 'Qualicum Beach', further north on Vancouver Island. I found Qualicum Beach to be an attractive and stimulating community.
For lunch Pat ordered a veggies sandwich of some kind; she loved it
I ordered a wrap and smoothie and was surprised and grateful to receive the generous amounts that were served. The taste of the wrap was delectable(!) filled with almond cheese and shredded veggies with a toothsome dressing that offered a slight mustard hot bite. The smoothie was made of mango, strawberries, almond milk and pineapple. The meal was aces eaten!

All out thumbs up for this restaurant. I highly recommend that you too eat at
'Rawthentic Eatery' in Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island!

These two pictures are of cracker chips I conjured up last night using the pulp that was left from juicing. The juice was all veggie with the exception of one apple. I seasoned the crackers with various spices and sea salt. They turned out amazing tasting (!) and work well to be eaten as crackers or a snack as chips. Tomorrow I will experiment to make another batch.

The crackers are displayed in a vintage hand painted in Japan serving dish.

It was evening by the time I headed for home after parting with Pat. I was some tired and decided to have an organic coffee. In the moment I opted for a piece of gluten free lemon poppy seed loaf as well. It was not organic; it was commercial and bland tasting. The coffee was, ok. I got high from the coffee, no rush of energy though, and after having eaten the poppy seed cake my mind held a memory of a nothing taste for it. The cake countered the effects of the caffeine so I got a good night sleep. My dreams following the day were interesting; Picasso formation.

There is more and more an enormous contrast for me in comparison of eating raw/living foods to eating anything commercially cooked! I have to work hard at convincing myself to eat anything cooked. It is good to challenge my system now and then with undernourished foods to see how I react and what the experience and contrast to raw/living shows. My health is steadily improving with the raw/living/vegan lifestyle!

The picture shows rye berries that are covered in water to soak; the beginnings of another batch of rejuvelac. I don't know if the berries had been steam processed and the store clerk didn't know either. The clerk suggested I try the kernels and if they don't sprout the store will refund my money. I ought to be able to tell by tomorrow night if they are all or partially alive or dead.

The Vintage Dish that displayed the dehydrated crackers

Pat and I were entertained by a couple of crows that were finding what looked to be nuts, in amongst the bushes at the parking lot. Initially every time I took out the camera the crows flew away. We looked through the bushes ourselves to see what it was the birds were eating. We found Nothing!