Sunday, November 18, 2012

It Must Be Fall

I am bundling up more and more. It must be fall. There is something really nice about cool - cold weather. Cool is good. I can get on with that, I like wollens and other soft and warm textiles. Not year round for me though. I didn't much like the damp chilly most of the year in Victoria BC. :)

So, I have been 100% raw to high raw all summer, switching on off between the both. Neal Brothers blue corn chips are delicious so I would snack on them when out and about. That led to me dipping my tastes into other cooked items. Still I am living unsettled without my own living space. It becomes difficult to prepare the foods to keep that helps me ward from cooked foods I can be tempted by. It got to the point that I found myself on nearly a whole day of cooked food! Egads. I do so much better on raw food. My mind gets warped on cooked food, really, especially when conventionally cooked food slips in. All those chemicals affect me adversely.

This is day number 6 of back to 100% raw and I am loving it. Because I allow myself to wane it feels like much more of me is on board with 100% raw. I like this. I feel more sound and peaceful without the inner conflict going on, of course. Inner conflict, it is truly a blocker to the growth of ones soul. And I have energy plus. And I feel inspired and ready to build my new life in a rich inspired creative way.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Pierre Burton 1967 wants to eat real food

… the clip may take a minute or two to load… merely an opportunity to exercise 'Patience'

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Dan with Dr. Klaper regarding 'Water Fasting"

I will be back in to post more input on fasting. I am working up to be doing regular fasting. I have never undertaken a water fast past one day at a time now and then. Mostly that was because I forgot to eat for the day, not because I exercised any discipline to consciously water fast. I have done fresh juiced veggies alternated with fresh juiced juices, both diluted half and half with water, along with some herbal tea; fennel was great. Btw, currently I find myself gravitating to drinking red clover blossom tea, a real great blood cleanser.

Gosh, I get so excited about good basic nutritional and live energy eating and caring for my health in holistic ways!