Friday, July 22, 2011

July 22, 2011

I will to learn not to indulge in heavy eating so late in the evening. Last night the combination of a whole avocado, seed cheese, past 9:00 PM; is a not to be repeated action.

1:45 PM a delicious orange!

2:30 PM the by far, best mango I have ever eaten! I promptly returned to the retailer and bought this case of mangoes.

3:20 PM flax crackers with hemp butter and green onions dipped in Himalayan salt.

5:49 PM an orange, strawberry, almond milk-- smoothie WOW(!) no kidding! Nothing else added either. I remembered to take a picture when I was nearly finished drinking the large glass full.

7:56 PM a very large glass of fresh juiced carrot, black kale, celery, beet, dandelion leaves, gala apple (1), cucumber; I added a scoop of phytogreens powder for the extra sponge effect for heavy metals. Again, I remembered to take a photo only when I was nearly finished drinking the juice!

I am currently experiencing very low-level detox symptoms when a point of healing occurs, which is rare.

Oh and, today I mindlessly ate some raw chocolate; it was strictly from an emotional need at the time. It was a very little bit and I forgot about it with no urge for more, within a couple of minutes. I experienced a burn sensation in my mouth after having eaten the chocolate.

New specs. Interesting that on the way to pick up my glasses I could read my hand writing with ease, extremely minimal blur. My hope is to heal my right eye that has 20/50 vision. It is the eye with an astigmatism issue. My left eye has 20/20 vision. My intention is to heal by means of healing my mind, and/or this diet plus exercises recommended by ‘Meir Schneider’ whom I took a couple of weekend trainings from back in the 80’s or early 90’s. Schneider does amazing work in teaching self healing techniques and I have been lazy following his teachings. You may have to copy/paste the link .

I noticed my eyesight had drastically improved yesterday right after I 'saw' something clearly in my mind, a shift in perception equalled a shift in eyesight as well, a healing. May it continue.