Friday, August 26, 2011

Eat and Support Certified Organics!

8:20 AM smoothie of Kale, cantaloupe, orange, phyogreens both caps and pwd. and Orti C, pear, zucchini, ice

12:00 Noon lasagne (left overs!)

Roadside blackberry picking today. They are huge!

2:23 PM icy blackberry/very ripe banana, smoothie WOW!

water 2 x's 2 7/8 cups

5:56 PM butternut squash salad, crackers, cherry tart, smoothie of blackberries, cantaloupe, ice and some pecan nuts

quite a while later I finished off the days eating with the left over quinoa mixed with mango and some coconut crystals??? huh??

I still have no symptoms of caffeine withdrawal from those two cups of coffee.

(woke this morning to a feeling that brought on a thought of maybe I am having a heart attack. It was mid chest, was dull sharp pain and radiated prickly discomfort. I noticed it and let go of my thinking. It passed. I am left with a sense it has to do with the mercury clearing and something viral that had attached to it, releasing of it).