Monday, December 2, 2013


I have been back to 100% raw living vegan, effortlessly, with a very few days of 97% raw, in the last few weeks. I definitely feel 100% best on a raw living vegan food intake. Sometimes I want cooked quinoa, I think prolly only because I am not in the living space to sprout the quinoa. I miss growing sprouts. Definitely I need to find my own living quarters once again, or team up with a like minded individual who enjoys a similar lifestyle.

Yesterday I julienned butternut squash and broccoli stems, a great way to incorporate the tough stems if I don't want them for smoothies. I had a smoothie in the morning and wanted something to eat with a fork in the evening.

I whipped up raw mariana and made some raw mayo using cashews as the base. The raw cashews I used were purchased from a high quality supplier that screens for 'raw'. Did you know some nuts advertised as raw are NOT raw? Yup, almonds for one, cashews, brazil nuts, walnuts. Check your supplier. Don't be satisfied with the answer 'I think they are', or 'I am sure they are'. I find too often store personal will bluff their way rather than say they don't know. Best would be local and always organic if available. I have large magnets to neutralize the chemicals if I can not get organic.

So my meal became the julienned veggies with marinara sauce topped with raw nut mayo and one whole chopped avocado.

Gosh, it was delish. Filling too.

The smoothie in the morning was packed full. Carrot, celery, pear, banana, vanilla pwd. mesquite pwd., whole hemp seed, black mission figs(the best ever-- finest indeed --I love black mission figs); I snacked on some chopped black mission figs and brazil nuts as I worked…. just couldn't wait you know…… continuing with smoothie ingredients = kale, raw cacoa pwd, water to dilute, and a cube of fresh frozen lemon. A fabulous way to keep on hand organic lemon juice. Fresh squeeze and freee it in ice cube trays.

That smoothie stayed me hours before I wanted something more to eat.


I decided to make a new recipe. Had a hankering for mashed sweet potato so concocted a recipe using raw ingredients.

Wowsy. It is better than I thought it would be.

In the dehydrator today is the making of onion/carrot/pumpkin bread. Can you dig it???

What's for Raw Dinner tonight??

well.. it is the julienned broccoli/butternut squash/marinara sauce, mashed sweet potato, and onion/carrot/zucchini/sweet potato dehydrated low temp veggie bread.

I feel to be working with food, oh so strong an urge. That is a growing reality within me. No one around in any small local community here provides the services I am looking for. Complete with a holistic way to manage a lifestyle. I have been looking for and at properties that would be suitable.

Still haven't found my camera. Not that I have been trying to locate it buried in the storage unit. May I land a space I can move into and get things out of storage. That I would love. Oh, and to be making a living again.