Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's the last day of June, 2011. wow

Hard to believe it really is the last day of June, already!

My eating for this fine day commenced at 10:30 AM with a drink of 4 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice mixed in 16 oz of water. I sipped at that whilst I made cracker dough to dehydrate; (yesterday I posted I would tell you about the crackers today… spin that off until tomorrow. They are made and dehydrating tho). When I realized I was out of two ingredients I grabbed a few pecan pieces to munch on while I made way to the store. It was then I noticed how much non snacking I am doing between meals. I can easily either forget to eat in the day or snack all day long instead of making a sit down meal. Currently I am making meals and eating in a flow of when I feel hungry or in need of slowing down the detox.

At precisely 3:58 PM I sat down to a lovely lunch of green beans, zucchini slices, a falafel ball, some sunflower pate with tahini sauce(dressing) on top. The combination was surprisingly wonderful tasting. I had a glass of coconut water as well.

Coconut water is a very high source of electrolytes. Keep that in mind when you reach for those bottled drinks with the 'don't want to ingest those ingredients', or when you are into competitive sports. You can get young fresh coconuts from Asian markets. If the store is busy they keep their shelves stocked with a steady flow of fresh product. The coconuts in Victoria have over doubled in price in the last few months. When I started buying them here they were $1.50 each .. Last week I paid $3.29 a piece.

The sunflower pate was made from soaked sunflower seeds, water, fresh lemon juice, garlic, himalayan salt, cayene pepper, red onion, fresh dil weed. The recipe is from 'Raw Food Made Easy' by: Jennifer Cornbleet.

After eating the plate full I felt more than satisfied!

It wasn't until 7:00 PM that I desired more to eat. As I prepared tomorrow's mango chutney I ate an orange. Afterwards I made up a dish of orange, kiwi, blueberries, grapes, bee pollen which I ate with a couple of coconut macaroons. It is after 8:00 PM now and I am good for the evening, sipping a cup of red clover blossom tea. It is a great blood purifier.

The photo is of the details on the other side of the lovely ceramics tumbler. The artist is 'Leanne Pizio' in North Carolina. I LOVE her works of art.

Hey, You! Catch ya tomorrow! :)

Before Bed Eating

Eating before bed does not work for me. My belly is burning this morning, my left ear is ringing. Starting tonight, I am returning to eating is before 8:00 PM (exception of fresh fruit if I feel hungry). Herbal tea or water will be ok to ingest. For years I used to eat this way, and the experience was very good. Rather than put myself in a position of feeling like I need to eat something late at night because I had not eaten all day or for many hours, I am working at eating in late afternoon or early evening. The longer overnight fast is most beneficial overall. It is beneficial to fit in 24 hour plus fasts between eating.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Day

Eating started at 9:30 AM this morning with a tall glass of water mixed with 3 ounces of fresh juiced lemon. (Yes, imperial dates me. Although here in Canada we still post imperial and metric measurements in our grocery stores bulk sales and on labels. Find here is a metric conversion site if you really need to know the measurement in metric.

Afterwards I had a bowl of bosc pear, pistachios, grapes and kiwi topped with bee pollen. Read about some health benefits of this delicious pistachio nut. Buy it raw and preferably in the shell.

Lunch time didn't happen until 3:30 PM. I finished the salad from last night, and added a couple of falafels which were sensational!! wow! They are made of sprouted garbonzo beans(chick peas), sunflower seeds, almonds, red onion, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, Nama Shoyu, garlic and curry powder. The recipe is from RAWvolution by: Matt Amsden, a fellow Canadian who lives in L.A. and has an online meal order by the week, catering to the U.S. States. I also drank half a glass of coconut water.

Hours passed before I actually got hungry during shopping for food supplies. I didn't grab anything to eat at that time though. This whole blog is turning out to be an unexpected experiement and is quite revealing to me about my eating habits for sure. It was 9:30 PM before I decided to actually eat, I was genuinely hungry. What I really wanted to do was leave eating until morning. It felt like the best thing to do was to eat something. You remember that frozen dessert I am working on? Well I buzzed some through the juicer topped it with frozen blueberries also through the juicer. The almond coconut blend turned out to be the smoothest creamiest textured dessert I ever have tasted. It is very very good and I want to improve upon it. Adding in the blueberries was, ah, ok.

Ate an orange half an hour later. hmmmm I am wanting to cut out late night eating unless I plan on staying up LATE into the night.

I made some sunflower pate this evening… will share about that tomorrow… also will share about the crackers I will be preparing tomorrow. They were scheduled to be made today and I forgot to soak the whole flax seed. Most nuts and seeds need to be soaked to release enzyme inhibitors. If you grind them in a blender before using, soaking can be by passed.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011


mmmmm dinner is salad comprised of, purple lettuce, romaine lettuce, cauliflower, red onion, olives, red and yellow sweet peppers, celery, avocado, black heritage tomato, shredded beet, kale/sunflower pesto, tahini dressing(from 'Raw Food Made Easy' by: Jennifer Cornbleet) recipe

Today I drank a lot of water. Feels like my weight is dropping again. Could be, maybe so.

I sampled a small dish of almond milk blended with young coconut meat and some vanila. The rest is in the freezer being frozen in ice cube tray chunks that will be easy to put through the champion juicer. This will be an attempt to make a version of ice cream other than frozen fruit. Before bed I enjoyed a snack of 2 large kiwi fruit, and chamomile tea then on to- g'night!


It is great to see my eating day in pictorial. Gives me a different perspective than viewing from my inner position moment to moment does.

First Food of the Day

No interest in food until 1:30 PM. The heavy metals throw off has been so intense I figured I was not drinking enough water and my fruit consumption had dropped, creating less dilution to aid drainage. The breakfast dish full consists of orange, kiwi, bosc pear, brazil nut pieces, grd. pecans, bee pollen. Topped with one of those tasty vanilla macaroons. 'I'll eat to that'!

I also figure I am not getting enough exercise lately which is easy to remedy. My energy is up, YES!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Night Cap

It is late, I am not tired, feel hungry and want to watch a movie so have prepared a snack bowl. Gawd it tastes sooooo good! Frozen Banana, frozen grapes, frozen blueberries, orange, sprinkled with bee pollen and pecan pieces.


I best drop a line or few to keep track of what I am eating, not that I have made a commitment to write down everything I eat… this blog seems to be working that way thus far.

While preparing Falafel for the dehydrator I snacked on some green beans and sesame tahini. After that I felt like a tea and made some roasted dandelion. There was no raw dandelion root on hand. That turned on hunger which I rarely feel since eating raw/living/vegan. Tis a surprise to discover dandelion root will turn on hunger. I ate 4 halves of walnuts as I pondered what kind of meal I would like to eat.

In my fridge is a cauliflower which I do like in salads. Last time I ate this veggie I made it into a mimic of 'mashed potatoes', yep, 'raw'. Nah, don't think so this time. Prolly a salad will speak up more.

Oops, got busy and forgot to make a meal.

Break/fast with Pear

Tis all I felt like eating until 2:30 PM, one golden bosc pear.

Thoughts of a veggie/fruit juice came then at 2:30 PM which I had as well as a very few pecans. Juice was prepared from gala apple, celery, broccoli, cucumber, carrot, black Kale. That worked!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Soup and Salad

Staggered eating throughout the afternoon which I suppose can qualify as lunch stretched, I enjoyed 3 oranges, a veggie cracker with sesame tahini and coconut crystals on it and another macaroon. I was active outdoors in the perfect sunny warm day.

Come supper time, I ate up the rest of the butternut squash soup at room temperature yet pepper warm...

…and a wonderful salad prepared of purple leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, black kale, cucumber, kiwi fruit, celery, heritage and roman tomatoes, basil/sunflower pesto, avocado and after picture taking I added red onions that had a bit of a hot bite.

Vanilla Macroons

Dehydrated for a approx 36 hours. Ground coconut ribbons, almond flour(dehydrated strained leftover almond from making almond milk), coconut crystals, vanilla extract, coconut butter. wowzy!


Break/fast for today was orange, blackberries, ground pecans, bee pollen, covered in fresh squeezed lemon juice, vanilla coconut maroon on the side.

I hadn't felt like eating until near noon. In my healthier states I often don't feel like eating until at least 2:00 PM. I often will go for an entire day without eating nor noticing the fact until the evening. Noticing was sometimes through feeling hungry, other times via thought, not feeling hungry at all.

I continue to take phytogreens and Vitamin C that assist mercury detox which I have been working with for a year. Included to facilitate heavy metal detox are unda numbers for drainage, when needed. My efforts are working. I also use self energy treatments, now and then. I feel a heightened energy propelling me to more energy work on myself.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Raw Ice Cream like Dessert

what do you think of that?

A while after eating squash soup which was heated low heat so not to compromise enzymes, I felt like something cold and soft. Therefore this dish which is simply frozen grapes and frozen bananas put through the champion juicer with the blank plate makes for a pretty and delicious sweet treat! It is cold and soft. Bananas are a fruit I do poorly with, however, eating them once in a while works for me.

Sushi Rolls

Lunch, yesterday. Stacked for sushi rolls. Bottoms up: hemp seed butter, avocado, heritage tomato slices, himalyan salt, black pepper, purple leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, kale/oregano/sunflower pesto.

A truly tasty roll. I made a second one and ate it without waiting for the first to settle in my belly. Definitely ate one whole sushi too much. Enjoyed with olives.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Time zooms

Seems I didn't need blogging assistance to stay on track. Will be back in later to fill in the huge missing gap. hahaha, honest! Well not really fill in the gap, continue on will mostly be the way :).

It is easier these days to follow this way of eating. I have grown with a repertoire of dishes I prepare and enjoy and I make up lots of my own recipes. When a feeling comes on or thought comes on for a food that is not what I consider health sustaining or health building, it can take some convincing myself there is something in it for me in order that I do choose to eat the item. I don't disallow myself any foods I would like to eat. It is an inner negotiation. I know where strict leads to--> emotional sabotage. In my 20's I was fanatical about my eating, and later on I could not live up to my own standards. Through the years I have learned, much about a progression to health, through a holistic approach. My journey continues-- my learning continues as well.