Monday, August 8, 2011

what can you do to improve your health?

front of the pie plate by 'Leanne Pizio' artist.

back of the pie plate, amazing, eh!
this is the front and back of the plate used for the cherry tart

Did you try the butternut squash salad by Mark Bittman? It has etched it's 'Mark' and it's taste into my mind. For all busy people it is quick, easy, satisfying.

This exercise of blogging my eating is yet another transformational experience.

8:00 AM Gawd I love the 'Rejuvelac'(!)

8:45 AM Bosc pear sliced smeared with hemp butter and crowned with kiwi.

3:05 PM butternut salad with added avocado and tomato; well that begs to be repeated!

That delicious salad was followed by a Mango. My 'need' for mango has ceased. I very much enjoy it when I eat it and then it leaves my mind, like anything else. What is topping my mind now is a strong urge to exercise, spending more time in nature, being on or around water, creating, nurturing my relationships - life is all about relationships in the full sense of the meaning.

7:00 PM coleslaw of julienned broccoli, carrot, weensy bit of onion, red cabbage mixed together with tahini dressing. What a surprising flavour! A hit! It was a made on a whim.

the coleslaw

In the fridge is julienned beet covered with rejuvelac, revving itself up for tomorrow.

Today I wasn't a whole lot hungry. More mercury detox surfaced which was relatively easy to work through. An early morning energy treatment scraped away any physical discomfort. Fascinating how that happens.

Fresh energy was soaring me into nearly a high in the late evening and I whipped up some frozen blueberries, strawberries, mango, banana into sorbet; with the help from my Champion Juicer, and I leave smiling. :)