Saturday, September 10, 2011

first of the zucchini from my garden! :)

AM 20 oz water

tall glass of veggie fruit juice, carrot, kale, gala apple and granny apple, cucumber, broccoli, celery, mixed with almond milk

2:00 PM at the market I picked up 2 spring rolls filled with different kinds of sprouts and wrapped in thin rice paper. A sauce accompanied which had a bit of wheat in it. My energy went down after eating one and I refrigerated the other one and made a matcha tea which I drank with the last blackberry tart.

5:00 PM blueberries with almond cream and honey, in a cup, and I ate two cups full.

7:16 PN linguini with mariana sauce, almond cheese, 'fried onions' which is fantastic and tastes superior to the best cooked onion ever(!)(the raw fried onionrecipe by Irini. Irini has an amazing flare with food! I look forward to when she has a book published), salad with a chive flower and red pepper.

7:59 PM some pecans, walnuts and red raspberry leaf tea.

Tonight I prepared Kale for chips and veggie chips earlier in the day; both are dehydrating overnight.

one of my precious sunflowers in natural light