Thursday, July 7, 2011

Blessing Bowl

In the morning at 11:03 or something like that, I enjoyed a glass of fresh squeezed lemon in water. What a fine way to greet the day, don't you think? :)

1:35 PM rolled around and hunger flashed a thought for 2 oranges, walnuts and pecans with 1 heaping TBSP of Bee Pollen in a pool of fresh squeezed lemon juice. First bite and wow sparks! Tart lemon against the sweetness of bee pollen… causes surprise zingers. By the way, if you want to eat nuts with fruit, the best combination for digestion is citrus fruit with nuts.

A short time later I felt like 3 brazil nuts... that was it.

3:26 PM brought on 1 macaroon. Can't believe I only had one!

6:00 PM breakfast was 1 large grapefruit with a few pistachios and bee pollen. I need to order more bee pollen. My supplier is in Ontario. She has the best honey and bee pollen I have used to date and her prices are quite reasonable.

Just past 7:00 PM I began preparing supper. What I wanted was marinara sauce on angel hair zucchini spaghetti. By 6:28 PM it was all prepared and ready to eat. Wow, what a really great dish. I ate it with some crackers, avocado and red pepper.