Monday, July 18, 2011

Lasagna this evening!

I slept 8 1/2 hours last night. It was a good sleep. I am not getting to bed as early as I would like to be.

Tonight I felt hungry at 11:30 PM and decided to snack on the some granola like I ate earlier in the day.

I do think rejuvelac has increased the speed of my metabolism.

8:30 AM was a refreshing drink of lemon and rejuvelac. I have more brewing. Certainly don't want to run out of it yet I will if I don't locate more of raw oat berries. ack!

12:15 PM a bunch of organic BC cherries… :) Blessings!

AND-- a bowl of granola made of nuts, raisins, goji berries, sprouted sunflower seeds, coconut, fresh black berries and almond milk. scrumptious!

1:31 PM a glass of lemon in rejuvelac

3:36 PM I made a sandwich using the toast from last evening. It is made of hemp butter, heritage tomato, dandelion leaves, seed/nut cheese, himalayan salt and black pepper. I have tasted much better. Truly I was not enthralled with this sandwich one iota. Leaving off the hemp butter may have been best or adding some shallots or fresh basil may have worked. I felt an overall sinking heavy feeling after eating it. Not in my belly, it was an energetic sense. Also my left ear started ringing and is still at it this evening. That may be detox symptoms, although it wasn't ringing prior to eating the sandwich. It was fun to eat a sandwich with something closely resembling bread. I hadn't been eating bread for many YEARS, with the exception of the odd occasion when I was out for dinner.

4:30 PM While I was out and about I ate a bosc pear. It was so so today. Odd how it was to experience a bosc pear as so so.

8:05 PM The big hit of the day was 'Lasagna'! Wow did it turn out amazing and delicious! I was surprised. Using the mariana sauce I layered it with the nut/seed cheese, thin slices of zucchini and avocado topping it off with sauce and some of the cheese. I put the lasagna in the dehydrator for approx half an hour on 115F to warm it and allow the flavours to mingle as well as dry it some.

This gave time to prepare a salad. Ripping up some lovely red lettuce, adding chopped onion topped with whole hemp seed in avocado oil and it was all finished.

Before eating I sprinkled both salad and lasagna with fresh basil from my garden.

The whole meal had me MMMMmmming and MMMMMMMMMmmming repeatedly. A definite, OMG, meal to serve to everyone!!

I ate even later tonight than last night. I felt hungry which led me to eating a heap of cherries then a small bowl of the nut/seed granola with almond milk, before bed. Nope, not a good idea said me in the morning!

Does anyone know what kind of berries these are? They are growing at the foot of the back yard, bordering a small forest. The red looking ripe ones fall off in my hand. They are not firm like raspberries.