Monday, September 5, 2011

how do you muffle your calling and inspirations; with over eating, meds, recreational drugs, coffee, toxic food, sugar? how?

8:15 AM grapefruit and walnuts

10:47 AM blackberries in almond milk, phytogreens and orti C and an afterthought, tart

12:00 NOON a tomato sandwich and matcha tea

2:24 PM chia pudding, a small bowl to test myself

7:05 PM veggie plate with left over chutney and pate with grapefruit chips, zucchini with mustard/garlic dressing

7:30 PM experimenting with a mixture of chia, coconut meat, berries, almond milk, vanilla pwd., cinnamon, coconut crystals. success!

Sunday September 4, 2011

watched some tv last evening, the hoarding show

Last night an aspect of myself did not want to sleep. I find it highly interesting to hit this mind space. It comes slightly attached to cling on feelings of not knowing what to do and sweet tastes eating. Because I felt like it I ate a couple of Me-jool dates around 1:14 AM and thoroughly blissed out with the piece of coconut cream peach flan I had picked up earlier in the evening at Bliss Cafe, around 4:00 AM, together with a cup of red raspberry leaf tea. Although I thought I would go to sleep much earlier, more like 2:00 AM, I didn't do so until after 5:00 AM. My reaction is merely of curious mindfulness.

Peppermint leaves… I must go to our local fabulous herbal medicinals store today for bulk peppermint leaves, that I plan to cold brew in the sunshine. I did not get to the Herb store. Will do so tomorrow, today is a stats holiday.

late afternoon- 18 oz of water then a bended matcha tea that looked like this: hemp seed a couple of teaspoons, almond milk, 1/2 tsp matcha tea, added hot water. wow! then indigestion eeewwww, possibly because my digestive system was not ready for food yet today, minor distraction.

'Sweet Rhythm, The Healing Feeling'
-Djembe Mug by pottery artist Goldie Sherman, Guelph ON

4:45 PM spanning over the next 2.5 hours I staggered my eating, it wasn't a decision to do so. When jotting down the time I noticed my eating behaviour.

smoothie of blackberries, carrot, butternut squash, kale, almond milk, celery, phytogreens pwd. with 6 phytogreen caps and 2 orti C. 2 blackberry tarts, some pecans, a small dish of mango chutney with veggie chips.

Eating day ended at 9:00 PM with a grapefruit and some pecans.