Thursday, September 1, 2011


water 20 oz. first thing this AM

7:14 AM a small bowl of chia pudding with added almond milk.

1:10 PM nori rolls using raw nori sheets from Japan(purchased before the tsunami), julienned beet, cucumber and carrot, sprouted sunflower pate, green onion, mustard dressing, a side of the pate, sweet yellow pepper and pecans. mmmmMMMM! then a bowl of chia pudding … it all smacked of the very finest of food.

2:50 PM macha tea with almond milk, coconut water and a wee bit of coconut crystals

1.5 hour brisk walk at the beach where the scenery is always interesting, fresh, full of nature breathing, moving, playing, living

a greyed down day yet the sun dazzled the water

6:32 PM veggie chips with mariana sauce and almond/pecan cheese. a smoothie of carrot, beet, cucumber, coconut meat, coconut water, blackberries, phytogreens pwd., orange, plums, kale, icecubes. 6 caps phytogreens and 2 orti C caps, and some pecans.

sometime during the evening a large pink grapefruit and a small bowl of the pudding made me a happy eater.
It was so cool/cold out today that I wore a heavy wool sweater under my denim jacket. Seems the one month of summer has come and gone.

Island View Beach, a long walk