Monday, September 12, 2011

Experimenting, & Art is all there is.

one of the most scrumptious salads I have ever eaten!

lettuce (I forget what it is named), baby spinach, cantaloupe, kiwi, raw 'fried' yellow onions, large cherry tomatoes(local), mustard dressing and a healthy grind of black pepper. I ate a massive bowl full, amazingly sensational!

cookies in the dehydrator. I sampled them and they taste close to date squares. I wasn't thinking to do such a thing. 'Gifts Always Happen'

raw chocolate sauce- I like the play of light as is caught in the camera lens reflected off the whisking whisk--the light looks like a hand with all 4 fingers and a thumb. Art is all there is.

I am not a fan of 'super foods' and do not eat chocolate as a super food. Once in a while I wish to eat it or serve it to others. So from Mimi Kirk's raw food recipe book, I made chocolate sauce, this evening. Very easy to make, takes little time. In the freezer are 6 chocolate tarts with walnuts and goji berries, to be ready for tomorrow.

When I think of cooked food now, which is rare, and prompted by pictures triggering taste memories, I don't even begin to try and talk myself into it. I lose interest in it real quickly. In fact my mind fills up with images of mushed unappealing looking dead stuff when thinking about eating cooked foods, now. My mind will automatic rewrite without prompting, to keep up to date with my sound changes. Cooked food is as different to raw living food as bottled baby food is, compared to feeding a baby straight from the dinner table.
However, if I still wish to eat anything cooked, I will if I really want to. Gentle change in which I embrace and love myself wholly, works well.

My blog served its purpose well and it only took a little over 2 years, with this summer running grand finale in the open. I will continue to share what I find delicious, exciting, new and interesting. This blog is not over yet!