Friday, August 12, 2011

Non stop Eating … what is going on?

8:30 AM I went straight for orange and nuts.

11:13 Another 2 oranges and nuts!! with added hemp seed butter and kiwi!

orange, hemp seed butter and kiwi

Rejuvelac throughout the day, 3 glasses full, one with lemon juice added.

From then on for hours it was nothing but spicy veggie crackers with Crane's raw honey. My mind is on bee pollen and the bee pollen is still between here and the apiary, shipped from Ontario. I did eat a very small dish of left over fettuccine with tomato/olives pesto. It tasted like more yet I only stuck with the crackers and honey, until I was saturated, a sudden want to stop although not at all feeling full. It feels like I have eaten like an elephant yet it doesn't seem that way when I look at what I have eaten. The calories are low. I think if chocolate was here I would eat it. In this moment I am thinking of making something with chocolate powder which is on hand; so are chocolate beans and I haven't touched them. Really though, nah, that would keep me up all night and I aim at early rising. There is a lot to accomplish tomorrow.

What I like is that craves for anything I consider unhealthy are like the odd little spark of thought that jumps in and out of my mind, now and then. Nothing frequent. Nothing that grabs me. The thoughts are more like light grey shadows, entertainment-- something to notice with a jab of a feeling, rather than something that drives me to eat it. The only thing that came to mind was a gluten free bagel and only because I saw one!

Today's visitor cleaning up the yard