Monday, August 22, 2011

whoa today

8:30 Am Good Morning! Starting the day with a red grapefruit and a few pecans

Noonish a fruit drink of orange, cantaloupe, mango, phytogreens pwd. added phytogreens caps and 2 caps of Vitamin C to help sponge up the mercury that is still coming up

2:35 PM 4 felafel; 2 with cashew cheese and sun dried tomato pesto, 2 with cashew cheese and mango chutney, together with lettuce drizzled with mustard dressing.

eaten off a pretty plate

A young male deer Lunch guest grazing outside my window. Well synchronized, I must say!

The cheese stiffened after being refrigerated and it is so much improved this time round. I put a portion of it in the dehydrator to hopefully form hard cheese, with added sun dried tomato, black pepper, celtic salt.

This afternoon some time was used to mix grapefruit pulp, orange pulp, carrot pulp, almond pulp, flax seed ground which is dehydrating into chips. A taste test tomorrow will bring in the food critic.

Made almond milk.

5:57 PM a red grapefruit I bought whilst on a quick run to the grocery stores. I bought a coffee half decaf half not. As I type the blog at near midnight right now, I am getting really very sleepy. I really wanted a coffee… something about it being connected to my creative drive. I don't know what that is about, going by an inner drive with this. It could be something old coming up to release.

7:50 PM supper of tomato/watermelon salad with some of the sun dried tomato cheese which is not done yet and some of the white refrigerated cheese. Both taste phenomenally deelish! (Recipe by 'The Minimalist')I ate a small bite of salmon to try that which Mr. Roomy prepared for himself.

This evening I got busy making cherry tarts, little ones.

on the left a cherry tart in steel and on the right a cherry tart in aluminum foil

9:10 PM sampled a tart from the freezer and it is not quite done-- I find them extremely rich and will prolly redo the recipe to suit me. Salt will be cut back for starters although there is not much salt in the mixture it tastes powerfully salty to me.

10:03 One more tart, this time it is finished and is so much nicer than when it is has not completed freezing. It doesn't taste as rich. Odd how freezing makes the difference!

About 10:28 PM two skinny slabs of cantaloupe. Wow it tasted like candy! So nicely ripe, perfecto!