Monday, October 28, 2013

Revving up my MIND

My day awoke me at 6-ish AM and as per usual lately I thought meditation, first. I realize that if I leave it until later I most likely will fill my time with other things. Odd how that happens.

I LOVE meditating. It speaks loud and soft about the dimension it embraces me in.

This morning I ran 20 solid minutes at mostly 5 miles per hour. That is remarkable for me considering that through my life I have tried running and hated it mostly because my body responded with pain that always jarred me to a stop. This year after dropping the toxicity levels of mercury and an old virus that lay beneath the mercury, a virus that came in at birth, I find all pain has vanished. I never get the pain anymore. So this mornings run on the tread mill left me feeling like I could go on. There are things I have to tend to so decided to call it quits. As I ran I realized it isn't my body that loves the run, it is me that loves the run!! When I owned that, I felt strength and empowerment and more vitality whooosh in. The body is neutral, I fill it with use or not, I fill it with useless or not, I fill it with self destruction or LIFE.

I am getting the experience of I am not my body, in the moment. Like I got it this morning.

I haven't eaten a thing since 7 PM last night, it is 2:33 PM now, and I feel strong, another sign that mercury detox has worked well. Even 6 months ago I could not go without food half as long as this. Amazing!

Of course I live a healthy lifestyle in many ways. Everything works together.

Hey, cheers, eh! :)

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Re-invented Dehydrated Onion Bread

I am still dehydrating pears this fall!! wow, it is so nice to have all these pears. May yet be dehydrating more tomatoes. Since I am using up last years dehydrated crop, yet, I prolly have ample this year to tide me over until next fall.

Was able to squeeze some onion bread into the dehyrator last night. Have been trying to get to this for a couple of weeks now. Missed taking it a couple of places with me as a share food.

I altered the recipe again, and like the way it turned out. Used less olive oil…. need to up the himalayan salt next time, it is a tad lacking, and I sprouted the sunflower seeds this time, added a bit of coconut vinegar, and some chia seed. I used my home grown red onions. Oh the joy of using home grown fresh produce, always.

The bread turned out nice. I made a pizza crust as well. The bread itself tastes somewhat like pizza crust. It is progressing to a more substantial bread.

Black mission figs and brazil nuts are my current snack treat. oh they are a tasty dual! I also love the figs with filberts. You might too!

Pictures soon!! I promise.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Too Much

There is a tendency for me to consume too much fruit especially if I start my days with smoothies. I noticed this 4 years ago and each time I resume starting my day with a fruit smoothie or fruit dish, I notice the same thing. After a few days I increasingly feel a sugar overload a few hours after eating, if I have not eaten a veggie meal within a few hours. I am exploring a balance.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

--a spiffed up Favourite Fruit Salad

Lately I am hooked to eating first meal of the day which is mostly noon or later, a bowl of cut up pear and banana, 2 or 3 chopped dried black mission figs, home prepared raw sesame tahini, sprinkled with a small piece of home prepared raw brownie. The picture is not very good. I took it on my macpro since my camera is still in storage.
This salad is amazing tasting. I could eat it all day. I don't.
An advantage to having a staple of home prepared raw sesame tahini, besides the nutritional benefits, is it is quick and easy to transform into a milk if required for a recipe or desire, such as for cereal. While stirring add water to achieve your desired taste and thickness and voila!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A year later, nearly

It is October 2, 2013 Into fall harvest and I have been thinking of blogging food again. Actually this has been on my mind all summer, well on and off my mind.

Right now I am in the midst of dehydrating much. Loaded and drying are tomatoes, pears, bananas(price down on organic), calendula flowers and will be loading up with some herbs today.

The herb garden needs to be moved. Some of it, or most of it. It doesn't get that eastern morning sun. Seems a number of the plants do best with morning sun. I am in the process of boosting Jesse's strawberry patch. This entails taking most of the plants out, cultivating the soil, adding manure and replanting. Some of the plants will go to new ground. Possibly the strawberry patch will be moved further west as well. The house here blocks the morning sun from nurturing a good chunk of the garden.

Mr. Sammy Samcee Cat. He is one of the kittens from the 7 month ago litter of Wiz(a resident feral calico cat). Cats, cripes, they just keep having babies. Up to 5 litters a year and up to 7 kittens in a litter. Oh this cat chatter does connect with food and the garden. I was digging up a couple plants of potatoes yesterday and Sammy wanted in on the fun. His fun was-- when I removed a shovel of earth he would jump in and sprawl himself in the dirt. Flopping about and staring up at me all pleased with himself and me for providing this amazing hole of luxury for HIM. So I moved to another plant and he just followed right along. I got that part of his fun was doing it with me. How sweet is that! Potatoes did get dug. Sammy is one funny cat. A number of the cats here follow me about the yard. The Mother- Wiz, Sammy, Maggie and Bebies 2(the last 2 kittens needing a home). Mostly the babies hang around their sleeping area yet. One of the kittens may be adopted out today. Emil says when I find my own place and move on the cats- Wiz, Sammy, Maggie and any kittens left will have to go with me since I am their human. hahahaha Emil.

Well that's it for now. Next time I will try and focus more on food. I remember a dog we took in at the farm, years ago, Sadie; she would pick beans with me. She ate everything she picked though. I find it humorous and endearing when the animals like to do the same activities.

1:45 pm and I thought of eating so I did.

! banana sliced into a bowl, added pear cut into likewise chunks, raw sesame tahini- I made using brown sesame seeds, 3 black mission figs cut into small pieces and half a raw brownie- they are small-- I crumble them and add them on top of the other ingredients, oh and I add 3 brazil nuts chopped chunky. I tell you, this is fresh, sparkly in my gut and to eat repeatedly tasty!