Monday, July 11, 2011

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Best feeling upon waking today! :)

11:57 AM broke the overnight fast with a tall glass of water. mmmmmm then had a bowl of a orange pieces(WOW the orange taste!), bee pollen and walnut halves covered in fresh squeezed orange juice.

3:18 PM I was out and about and stopped in Bliss Cafe for a hot chai tea with a Bliss Ball. I forgot to take a photo right off and then when I remembered I took along my camera in case I went to the Cafe, I had eaten most of the Bliss Ball and had drank most of my tea. ooops it looks more like a crumb with a shadow now.

4:30 PM a hand full of pistachios, to be shelled and eaten

6:13 PM 1/2 half of a small avocado and some red onion. The onion drew on my energy. I have noticed this in the past, a lot.

7:12 PM Salad, whoa… large and tasty! Romaine, avocado, tomato, red onion, mango, watercress, celery, shelled whole hemp seed, Himalayan salt, black pepper, avocado oil, topped with 2 falafel! I ate it all… certainly didn't feel hungry for the rest of the night and I forgot to eat the crackers I thought I wanted to eat.

I seem to be eating a lot of food and am being mindful about the reason I am eating. It is not always for what I grew up identifying hunger by. Currently I am reassessing what means hunger. How do I know I am hungry? I don't really know.

For years and years I started my mornings with 4 and 1/2 glasses of water, at least, drinking much more during the day. I felt something was missing like brushing my teeth if I didn't drink the water. When I started raw eating I didn't feel like all that much water. Lately though I have been drinking more again, especially in the morning.

On and off throughout 25 plus years I did skin brushing, light strokes with a dry brush working up the bodies limbs first, brushing toward the heart, short strokes. I loved the feeling and stopped about year ago. It is powerful lymph drainage assistance. Of late I have been finishing with hot/cool showers in my morning shower. That too is a fabulous lymph stimulator. I was pleasantly surprised with how my lymph’s responded to both techniques. With the mercury detox at times I have felt a need to take unda drainage remedies to open the elimination routes that became plugged with an overload of heavy metal detox trying to leave the body.

Progression to Health

During the last year the healing points I have experienced have been numerous. They started out feeling deadly to me. Literally I felt like my body would die. I have been using my hands to assist healing, as in hands on healing, since back in early 80's after I encountered spontaneous energy transference between another and me. The experience is published as a story in 'Conscious Woman Conscious Careers' edited by: Darlene Montgomery. During my healing points hands on healing has helped immensely. Through the last 20 plus years I have worked a lot on myself to promote my own healing. The experiences have been profound and exciting.

This past week I have experienced '3' healing points. Initially there were weeks in between and the healing would keep me in bed with doing a self-treatment before rising. These last 3 have been a breeze. I gave only one brief hands on exchange with my body during one of them.

Each time the pathway of healing has shortened as the areas of unhealth in my body have been cleared. That I find interesting as well. My whole healing journey is much more involved than this segment and all of it has taught me a lot about learning to help others, in a way I can pass on to others so they can learn to help themselves and each other. I am interested in and excited to learn to put my experiences together and help those who seek to help themselves. This has been a intuitively guided journey coupled with expertise learned through advanced education and other professionals, working with many clients and I have taken many years to experiment with myself.

This marker in my life has been a long time coming. Feels like a new energy has come in overnight and I am keen to witness where this leads and what becomes of it.

Healing point = my words for healing crisis. I might change the phrase again or return to using healing crisis. That point in healing certainly can feel like a crisis!