Monday, July 25, 2011

A Perfect Vinaigrette

The organic rye berries that grew into these spectacular sprouts were purchased at 'Planet Organic', Victoria B.C.

First thing this morning is to rinse these beautiful sprouted rye berries, cover with water and set them to ferment into a new batch of Rejuvelac! Wow, just look at those thriving delicacices! (click and double click on the picture to enlarge)

The jar containing the rejuvelac mixture is covered with double-layered cloth and set in the indoor garden unit. The grow lights provide heat that will aid the fermentation process.

11:30 AM today’s eating commenced with a glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice diluted with water, peaches cut up and mixed with pepitas that were soaked and dehydrated; both covered with almond milk make a fresh dish that sets a pace of liveliness.

12:56 PM a mango!

3:43 PM 2 tunaish rolls-- walnut salad layered with red onion and cucumber, using cabbage as the wrap.

5:58 PM A bosc pear eaten with hemp butter. It is a terrific combination with the smooth rich hemp butter spread upon the sweet pear.

7:31 PM salad of mixed young greens and avocado with a sprinkling of hemp seeds drizzled with a potently scrumptious dressing(!) whipped of lemon juice, salt, chopped garlic, stone ground mustard, black pepper and avocado oil.

How to make the dressing.

8:56 PM to gratify a sorbet craving I enjoyed eating a juiced combination of frozen strawberry, mango and almond/coconut.

It has been two days since ingesting a coffee together with something not only cooked but sugar sweet. Coffee withdrawal was a cinch compared to coffee withdrawal when I was more toxic. The symptoms felt 75% lessoned. A left over effect was a gnawing feeling to eat something cooked. I felt that the feeling could be satisfied with cooked quinoa which I prepared and ate a small bowlful with a little butter, salt and peppered. The quinoa was eaten with my supper salad.
It is merely the facts.