Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day of Unusual Hunger

I started feeling very hungry early in the day. Had no enthusiasm to do anything so gardening is put off until tomorrow.

This morning lemon and water it was, again. A tad earlier… more like 10:00 AM after which I munched a handful of pecans and after peeling a large grapefruit that I ate the sections dipped in bee pollen. Pecans are so amazingly delicious! Still on a bee pollen craze and will need to order some from Margaret Rose, in Ontario, soon. Lunch followed at about 2:00 PM. I ate the rest of the salad from 2 days ago with half an avocado added, oh and mixed in some mango chutney which added a whole new taste to the salad. I will definitely recreate that salad! I took no pictures of any of this food, this morning.

A bit later I had 3 cubes of coconut almond cream put through the juicer along with frozen grapes. That combo is very interesting. Added to it a macaroon. I think I ate only one. It was a scrumptious snack.

Hungry again for more which I ate at 7:17 PM. It was seaweed spaghetti, which I softened in warm water and mixed in sundried tomato & olive paste and chopped red onion topped with kosher yeast flakes. That was very filling and a tasty dish as well. Now I am enjoying a cup of Red Clover Blossom Tea and growing very sleepy.