Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Chocolate, ooooh

11:31 AM Rejuvelac, and a bosc pear with hemp butter/kiwi- so easy to prepare and deelish to eat. Cut and do not remove the core or seeds, smear with the butter, top with kiwi and eat. (these are bosc pears with seeds that have not matured)

slice the bosc pear

smear with hemp butter
(manitoba harvest is a best brand, store it in the freezer)

top with slices of kiwi fruit

With shaved raw chocolate atop the dressed bosc pears it gave forth a deluxe dessert idea!

12:13 PM chocolate square- I have eyed these creatures up at Bliss and finally am trying one. I will be back for more!

raw chocolate square from Bliss Cafe

12:26 after the chocolate I developed a sudden crave for citrus fruit and ate a large juicy orange. I've noticed this connection in the past, as well.

large juicy organic orange!

2:30 PM a mango and more Rejuvelac

The rest of the mangoes from the case lots, were cut up and frozen in ice cube trays today. They come out smooth when homogenized into sorbet.

Supper, I didn't note the time or noted it and forgot!

sunflower pate, a felafel and Israeli Salad

Made a cantaloupe smoothie, nothing but cantaloupe and ice cubes… (by the garden diet people: Jinjee and Storm) It is surprisingly fresh-light-amazing!

To top it all off I later wanted some homogenized frozen fruit which I whipped up and ate it too. :)