Friday, August 5, 2011

Feasting salutes to Sensational Organic Raw Food!

9:30 AM (approx.) Rejuvelac!

Then on to a model of natures best, a fruit salad of watermelon, cantaloupe, kiwi with pecans and a sprinkling of dried coconut, currants, cacao nibs, goji berries.

1:37 PM a Veggie Juice

lettuce, nut/seed cheese and a taste of the watermelon/tomato salad that is coming up for supper

4:07 PM Salad

5:55 PM MANGO!

The watermelon/Tomato Salad by Mark Bittman.

Corn on the Cob; If you haven't eaten corn on the cob raw, DO IT!!

the meal pulled together

8:45 PM approximated-- Supper.

I used nut/seed cheese alternative for the dairy and it didn't quite cut the salty enhancement Bittman mixed in using one of his recommended cheeses. One of the feasters of this evenings salad, Eric, said olives did it well which he mixed into his. That is definitely a note for next time. Other than the salty change, the combination is artfully interesting. The flavourful contrasts stand with distinct notice each bursting with its creative version of fresh.

After my plateful was nicely cleaned up and my intestinal senses vibrated of blissful content, on a whim I stacked a felafel on a cracker and topped that with an olive; the result = omg!!! (I ate 3 in a row!) I must always remember this combination. It is perfect for a party which I am keen to host, a raw potluck. oh yeh.