Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Walking, YES!

11:26 AM Rejuvelac followed by a Smoothie of mango, ice cubes, pear, apricot, cucumber(peeled), phytogreens pad., Kiwi, a few pecans.

It was crunchy with ice. I figure it must be the super healthy or even healthy version of a slurpy cept with not as much ice, which I have never had and shan't, either.

1:29 PM a piece of the lasagne with spiced up mariana. The lasagne was tastier the second day even without the spiced up sauce added yet the sauce definitely enhanced the flavour.

3:43 PM embarked upon a 10 km walk. Completed it in 2.5 hours. It was on a gravel pathway through bush up and down sloppy uneven terrain. A thoroughly enjoyable walk. My legs and feet started to ache a little over 6 km into the walk. OOOPS(!) new shoes not broken in. Egads me. I stopped once for a rest on a bench, 5 or 10 minutes and twice stopped to pick and eat wild blackberries. What a treat! Reminded me of biking from Niagara Falls to Queenston Heights where I would stop to pick and feast upon wild raspberries, for breakfast.

The trail here near where I live circles around two lakes, Elk and Beaver.

Supper 6something PM I felt like having a bit of cooked quinoa so cooked some up and topped it with some of the mango chutney I had prepared for supper. A quick trot to the garden and got me some fresh lettuce and used it as a bed for mango chutney. 4 felafels lay atop the chutney. mmmmm it was. The quinoa not so much. I didn't enjoy it so much. There is such a difference between cooked and raw food. Old tastes really fall away.

Coffee drinking for me seems to be directly linked to an earlier emotional wound which is somehow connected to an emotional issue currently in my life. The initial emotional wound came about at a time in my life when I was a coffee drinker. I am talking 43 years ago! I notice the two issues are linked and something emotional about them is linked to drinking coffee. I didn't want a coffee today. The craving and any thoughts of wanting one, ceased. It seems different like if I want a coffee it would be no big deal. This is hard to put into words when I am tired.

I have been tardy again, sorry; tally ho and on to tomorrow.