Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I love that so many folk are raw foodies!

My eating day today started at 1:18 PM with 2 kiwi fruit.

at 2:17 PM I added the juice of 2 lemons to a glass of rejuvelac and drank it. Walnuts came to mind so I ate 6 1/2 walnut halves.

at 3:13 PM a bosc pear which was tasty plus to eat together with another 6 half walnuts. My pear taste returned :)!

At 4:52 PM a hungry stomach spoke up so I ate the other half of the lasagna with red lettuce and hemp seed/olive oil dressing. This time I made a bed of lettuce topped the lettuce around the outside with the dressing and placed the lasagna in the center. Gawd I love this dish!

6:40 PM Thoughts of tasting black berries/ blueberries covered with almond milk lured me right to the kitchen. The beauty of the berries and milk was astounding and I nearly took a picture before adding the bee pollen but I didn't. Another time.

7:06 PM it was the enjoyment of a small bowl of pistachio nuts and red raspberry leaf tea with almond milk. I love to add some kind of milk to red raspberry leaf tea. My choice was to do a weak steep, maybe 5 minutes. It tastes a lot like black tea, and I love the taste of black tea.

I am yawning, a LOT. Heading to bed with a book. Maybe I will be able to read a bit, maybe I will go right to sleep. Sleep can come on so fast for me I will fall asleep in mid sentence even if talking on the phone. When I am tired… out I go, like flicking a switch! Later gator!